Which actor will you watch even though the film sucks? Mine is Ryan Reynolds.

OTOH I will watch them because he’s in them.

Who is your actor/actress/actx that you will watch even though the film sucks?

Harry Dean Stanton

Don Cheadle

Linda Cardellini

Naomi Watts

Anna Kendrick. I mean, I even watched that crappy Stowaway movie she made…

C’mon guys, Nicolas Cage, he’s the ‘has anyone mentioned Populous’ of this thread!

Dwayne Johnson and recenlty Dave Bautista. 2nd Anna Kendrick as well.

Honestly, can you name a prolific actor with no stinkers to their name?

The first name that comes to mind for me is Ron Perlman. I haven’t liked every movie he’s been in but I generally have found them all at least interesting, and him interesting in those movies.

Michael Keaton and Gene Hackman. I’ll watch them in anything, and have.

Harrison Ford was like that.

Edit: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson too. I was going to add him as a podcast joke but he actually is like that.

Oh yeah me too. Can watch him in anything at this point.

Oh also Karl Urban.

John Cazale

Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham.

Oh! Tom Hardy!

Jim caviezel until he turned out to be an anti vax alt right nut job.

Denzel Washington + Clint Eastwood

I remember being very sad when I first typed his name into a search engine. I figured I was about to discover some offbeat, undiscovered New Hollywood gem he had been the lead in. Instead, I realized I had already seen all of his feature work for obvious reasons. He’ll always be five for five though. :(

6 for 6 if you count “Being engaged to young Meryl Streep” (and I do!)

But yeah, his resume is sadly unassailable.

Definitely Tom Hanks.
Definitely Denzel Washington.

More recently, Michael Fassbender. Xmen Apocalypse felt especially hurtful to me because he was in it, but they gave him such a small role that it didn’t even let me at least enjoy his portion of the movie. At least Tom Hanks and Denzel haven’t had roles like that in a long long time, where they’re in the movie so little.

I guess this is Bruce Willis for me. The last like few years have been extra painful.

At least Liam Neeson is still trying to stay in quality films, even if the last like 10 movies are all the same.

Oh nice! Liam Neeson. Yes please. Good entry.

He can just make Equalizer films for the rest of his life, and I’d be happy to watch.