Which did you prefer, Mass Effect 1 or Mass Effect 2?


For when they came out ME1 by a good margin. I really got into trying to figure out what the big baddies were. The weird dream flesh stretching was awesome and the Progenitors as well. ME2 just lacked story for me.

ME2 because it dropped the half-assed attempt at loot systems and focused on other things. I can respect not bothering at all, even though I wished they had gone the other direction (although not randomized or leveled samey weapons).

I preferred ME1 to ME2. No question that ME2 has tighter action, but to me the RPG elements were the heart of 1, especially the dialogue. I’ve never had another game that did such a stellar job of letting me say what I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it.

ME1 definitely has its faults, its shit inventory system and cookie cutter planet and building design chief among them.

ME1. It’s technically less proficient, and it has definite issues (messy inventory system, annoying vehicular sections, bland and samey exploration content, slightly wobbly combat, etc), but ME2 didn’t fix any of that, it just eviscerated the gameplay instead. The talky parts? Those were still good. But there’s more to both games than talky bits.

Probably ME2 for not having such a terrible inventory / loot system. I have fonder memories of the ME1’s story, but a lot of that is because it was new I think.

ME1 because of the inventory, vehicles, plot, and skills. God I love that game so much.

Definitely no ME2 due to how badly its story clashed with everything setup in ME1. That, and the simplified mechanics.

Never played ME 1, but enjoyed ME 2. I’ve heard from a few folks they miss some things from ME 1.

I should also say that there really should be a distinction between the PC and 360 versions of ME1. Unlike the sequel, where the two SKUs released simultaneously, the PC version of ME1 was a late-in-the-game port that tweaked some things that had elicited complaints (like the inventory system. It still wasn’t very good, but I gather that it was better), and in theory was going to come with Bring Down the Sky for free. In practice that happened like four or five months after launch when I’d already long since beaten the game, but hey.

So I’d be curious to see how many people who prefer the first game played it, like I did, on PC.

ME1 by a long shot. It had a long involved main quest where you slowly solved a mystery and uncovered what was going on. In addition, you could run missions for your individual companions as side quests.

ME2 on the other hand, you were told up front exactly what was going on, the companion sidequests became the main storyline and once you completed those you did the end game mission sequence and were done. Felt like they forgot 75% of the game.

Same here.

Every single Bioware games have problem with inventory system, it like suddenly everyone developed amnesia at beginning of new project.

ME1 > ME2 simply because instead improving on their strength, they decided to develop shitty combat instead in ME2.

ME1 because I couldn’t end the game with everybody alive.

Preferred the structure, style, moments, and overall story of 1. Inventory was a bitch and loot was pointless. Didn’t mind the Mako, actually kinda enjoyed roaming random textured planets.

Didn’t we already have a huge thread on this exact subject?

Yes, but now we have a poll-thread about it!

ME1 and it’s not very close. ME2 was better from a technical and gameplay standpoint, but it doesn’t come close on story and atmosphere - and that’s not just nostalgia. One of my four ME1 playthroughs came after beating ME2. I had planned to play through a Level 60 renegade character and take her through ME2, but after beating ME1 again I just couldn’t get into ME2 for a second time.

ME1 Hands down. I played ME1 three times from start to finish with different NPCs and choices and it really felt different each time to me. ME2 was just bland in comparison. I stopped half a way through my second playthrough, I just could not bother anymore. To me ME1 felt like an RPG with an epic journey, ME2 like a cheap cover shooter that had no respect for the players intellect and did not even bother with a proper epic storyline.

ME1 by a significant margin. I hope they do the middle road path with 3 because too much was cut from 2 for too little gain in other areas.

Definitely ME1. ME1 was one of my favorite games. IMO ME2 was okay, but not great. ME2 caused a major drop in my desire to play further ME games. I’m sure I’ll get ME3 sooner or later, but I’m not particularly excited for it, whereas I was very, very excited for further ME games after ME1.

I’ve played through ME1 at least 4 times, and I think it might have actually been 5. I’ve only played ME2 once, and just don’t have much desire to go back.

Definitely agree with Wolff, Gryndyl, and ImaTarget on this. Really liked the ME1 story. ME2’s story for me mostly consisted of running around trying to solve random crewmembers problems instead of driving the main story forward.

I also preferred the more RPG elements of ME1, and gameplay in ME2 felt just too streamlined to me.

Also they got rid of the Mako, which I can certainly understand, but then they replaced it with that incredibly awful planet scanning mini-game. I don’t even want to know how many hours I wasted scanning planets. It’s one thing wasting time on something that’s somewhat enjoyable, and another thing wasting on something incredibly dull like the planet scanner.


Comment on End Game Boss

What the heck was with that giant humanoid robot at the end. IMO that was the dumbest idea ever.

There were some nice sequences, I’ll admit for example:

Comment on Sequence with Joker

The sequence with Joker going through the ship as it was being taken out was just fantastic. I liked it enough that I played through it several times.

And generally when we were actually advancing the story instead of trying to solve everyone’s problems, I thought it went pretty well (minus previous comment on end-boss). But it mostly felt like the game was a collection of short stories all in the same universe, with some of the same characters, instead of ME1 which was much more a united whole story.