Which DS games require only one cart for multiplayer?

I’m thinking about getting my son and I Nintendo DSs. I know some multiplayer games require only one cart for multiple players. Any idea which games they are?

Most of the puzzle games seem to have it.
Puyo Pop Fever
Yoshi touch and go

Well any action games? My 5 year old isn’t into puzzle games. Though I am and plan on picking up Meteos

Mario DS seems to have it, not sure how good it is though. Not sure what else.

Yoshi Touch and Go
Advance Wars DS
Ridge Racer

All those games have it too. I’m not sure I’ve heard of a game that required you to have multiple carts, aside from Nintendogs, so I guess you can consider the feature pretty popular.

Yea, some do. I have all the games (Domestic) so if there is a particular title you want to know about just ask. I don’t have Nintendogs or Advance Wars DS yet…