Which free (or very inexpensive) cell phone?

Thanks for doing the research for me. :)

I recently bought my wife an iPhone and consequently had to renew her line for another 2 years. Since my line is also on the same family plan, it’s logical to upgrade my phone as well (because no matter what, I’m stuck with ATT for 2 years).

Here are my requirements:

  • ATT
  • < $25, but preferrably free
  • great music support. i want cell phone/mp3 convergence. primarily, I want to be able to play my mp3s (I have 30-40gb of stuff), but if there are any kind of free music services, I might consider them. I’m not interested in any additional monthly fees, however.
    -small. i already carry a blackberry 8700 with voice and unlimited data for work, so I’d prefer not to carry two bulky phones. I can’t use the 8700’s voice for personal use, but I can use the data as much as I want. I currently have a treo 650, but I seem to forget it half the time since it’s so bulky.
    -keypad (touchscreen is doable) for text messaging

What I don’t care about:
-data (my corporate blackberry is unlimited)

What I don’t want:
-additional monthly fees

Here are some phones I am considering:

Sony w760a: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Ericsson-W760a-Phone-Black/dp/B001HSO8K2/ref=pd_ts_cps_8?ie=UTF8&s=wireless

LG Vu: http://www.amazon.com/LG-Vu-CU920-TV-Phone/dp/B0018OKDNG/ref=pd_ts_cps_3?ie=UTF8&s=wireless