Which Freedom Force mods?

Okay apparently Marvel’s laywers finally discovered Freedom Force mods. So quick, everyone tell us about the must-have superhero modules and skins so we can grab 'em before they disappear into the legal ether.

Fantastic Force is a great series of mods. There are a few mods/addons by abenavides that are dandy.

JLA mod is also quite good.

I used to have a list up when I was doing the ModForce thing… but now it’s just a forum board.

Check http://www.anycities.com/jbodin/

I’ll have to grab those and put them on the other -nudge nudge wink wink- method of file transfer.

I have a few of them on there, but it’s just the three largest (from what I could see).

Say, where do you folks go for Freedom Force mods these days? I was going to FreedomMods.com (which has an excellent collection), but it hasn’t been updated in almost three months, and I’m hungry for some new superhero adventures. :)



As far as I know, they are still being tracked on the forums at www.modforce.com.

The community petered out quite a bit with the forum problems that occurred a few months ago, but there still seems to be some stuff going on.

As for skins/models, The Beyonder’s stuff seems to still be functional here:


Tortuga’s stuff is at:


and Volt’s Electric Freedom Site ain’t bad.


I just wish I hadn’t lost all my gigs upon gigs of community content in the untimely death of my laptop. C’est la vie, I suppose.

Actually, I was looking more for new mods to play, rather than skins and meshes. (I do admire the enterprise and energy of the folks who build these things; I never get around to actually implementing my own ideas.
:( )

Anything along those lines (i.e. similar in content to FreedomMods.com?)


That sucks, you know if they’re gonna start cracking down then they better come out with some ‘official’ versions, cause otherwise they’re just being dicks.
I love how the letter is signed ‘Very truly yours’ it’s the ‘very’ that lets us know they care.

Marvel to Fans: Stop liking our comics. We’ve tried so hard to alienate you, and yet you insist on loving our comics so much you will create what amounts to product placement materials and distribute them at no cost to us, or the end user. Your labor of love is made all the more depressing by the fact that we would never, ever create such content for our fanbase, which seems to indicate that you care more about our fans than we do. This shall not stand. Seriously. Stop liking our comics.