Which game dev stress thread do you prefer?

So which stress thread do you like better? Mine or Rollory’s. Hint: I’m better looking but Rollory is smarter.

Katie Holmes had a breast reduction?

I was trying to tie down a large piece of wood yesterday in the back of my pickup and I just barely had enough rope to tie a part of it down. It was really windy, too.

This is an interesting situation because both threads were posted at the exact same time.

This poll let me vote for both options. So naturally I had to.

Rollory had me beat by a few seconds, but I had a much quicker turnaround in terms of spawning meta threads, which I think should count for something ;-)

Have you ever noticed how spongy the skin on the head of your penis is, and how it’s completely different than every other piece of skin on your body?

Is this the right thread to discuss “gently touching”?

You ever go to make a pork sausage, but find it’s got hairs growing all over it?

Well that quote just guaranteed that this thread will get more replies than either of the two clone threads that myself and my evil twin Rollory started.

Be sure to check your PM’s soon so that Tom can tell you how much he enjoys scatological references on his board. Or not, maybe I just caught him on a bad day.

The Longest Walk of All Time