Which game do you think looked better, Dungeon Siege or NWN?


i prefer the graphics of DS, but NWN is much deeper in depth.

-mike ‘mlatin’ latinovich

Dungeon Siege

Dungeon Siege overall, but the spell effects and character models were better in NWN, imo.


If you figure in the whole non-loading screen seamless from in to outdoor part of the graphics engine… there’s no contest that DS looks better.

Though NWN handled lighting/shadows better with less system slowdown, DS is overall a much nicer looking engine. In fact the more I look at DS the more impressive the graphics seem. The continuous world technology, and the tremendous vertical depth of some of the locations, are especially impressive. Too bad the game wasn’t so great. I’d like to see that engine licensed for a real RPG (with greater freedom of camera control, though).

Well, what else would it be deeper in? :)

Well, what else would it be deeper in? :)[/quote]

shrug it’s one of those posts where i didn’t type what i was thinking entirely. so please, excuse me for not being as much of a fabulous literary genius as yourself.

nice de-railing effort, though.

-mike ‘mlatin’ latinovich

Neverwinter Nights. Dungeon Siege had no personality, which no amount of nice engine can make up for.


Honestly at first I thought neverwinter nights looked better at first, but now that I take a second look, I realized that Dungeon Sieges graphics engine is far superior. I have not played a game before dungeon siege where you can go anywhere in the game and not have it stopped by a “Loading…Please Wait” screen. That was a nice addition. In truth, at times Dungeon Siege felt like a playable rolling demo as there isn’t much to do other than switch spell/weapon/armor, cast spell, or hack and slash the enemy to chunkey bits, but dungeon siege was a prettier game and still is fun for short bursts of playtime, just virtually no replay value.

I would probably give the nod to DS. If you ever get a chance download the benchmark. Besides being something other than Quake 3 to benchmark your system with it shows off a wide range of the graphics in DS. Warning though, I believe it has spoilers in it at least from the creatures you see perspective.

NWN does have nice graphics especially the shadows and lighting but DS is just better. Of course gameplay, that is a different story …

– Xaroc

I haven’t played DS yet, but this seemed like a good place to chime in with one thing: I love watching the characters in NWN dodge and parry during combat. Do they do that in DS? I really like that.

(Here’s betting that Knights of the Old Republic beats them both in every way. :-) )

I don’t think the dodging in DS is timed as it is in NWN. I think it’s just generic hack-n-slash animation…

Thanks to the lighting and shadowing, I vote for NN.