Which game of a series to play

And beware of the invisible pick-pocketing children.

I enjoyed 1 & 2. And yes, they are old school and Fallout 3 starts the new school. I liked Fallout 3 more than New Vegas, but I know that is up for argument.

I would play 1, if you enjoy it then move on to 2.

If you have open enough mind and can tolerate older graphics and UI, then you definitely need to play Fallout 1 with FIXT modpack, Fallout 2 with Restoration Pack and New Vegas with all its DLCs. These are some of the best games ever made.

Witcher trilogy, same thing. First game has aged a bit, especially in its animation department, but it is still atmospheric, beautiful game. Although reading the books would be a good idea, they are my favourite fantasy books (I actually do not like a lot of fantasy, they are a bit of an exception).

Thank you very much to all for your contributions.

So I think I will try the original Fallout & Witcher and skip straight to AOW3, EU 4 & CK 2.

Still not sure about the XComs but never mind I have my hands full for a while!

Good plan. Those are better games than most of the crap that comes out every year, so no need to rush. I would rotate through them all so you don’t get sick of any particular genre.

And if you have trouble with the original Witcher you can always bail and jump to Witcher 3. I tried twice to get into W1, and never made it more than a half dozen hours. Never even entered the first city, just the outskirts. So it is entirely possible to play W3 with no knowledge of the series, and enjoy it just fine.

So be on a short leash. If the old gameplay is proving an obstacle to enjoyment, bail on it and play the latest. You’ll be fine.

I’d next skip to Witcher 2, not straight to 3. But certainly no need to keep playing games you’re not enjoying. And while I think the experience is richer having played in series order (and frankly prefer a number of aspects of the older games), it is true that they’re willing to catch you up.

Yeah, you can spend way too much time in the outskirts. They should have made that area smaller.

Just when you play Fallout, make sure to go to options menu and set always run to enabled, and combat animation speed to max. The games are insufferably slow without these.

For Witcher 1, make sure to use the OTS (over the shoulder) mode and set your controls comfortably in menu to your preference. It can play like a normal third person game that way, eventhough the combat is still about timed clicks (although as you unlock more combos and animations and spells, it gets more spectacular to look at).
Under no circumstance play with the isometric NWN-like camera, it kills all immersion.

Just wanted to add my vote for the original Fallout. It is a masterpiece. I understand it’s one of the few games versatile enough where you can actually try to play a character with very little combat. I recall it also wasn’t that long so any artifacts of old PC gaming you find you wouldn’t have to endure for long like in these modern 200+ hour open world epics.

Yeah, Fallout is a surprisingly short game. Every other Fallout is like at least 5 times as long. It should take you no more than 20 hours and I would wager closer to around 15 hours for a first time playthrough.

If you play it a second time, that time drops to like 10 hours. Maybe less depending on what you do. If you ignore everything and just follow the critical path with the knowledge the game can be over in an hour.