Which GTA Mission Did You Have To Redo The Most? (Spoilers, Obviously)

Mine, at about the two-thirds mark through the game:

Three Leaf Clover I did five or six times, although I didn’t really mind so much as it’s a fun mission.

The first mission for Derrick, where you track the guy in the truck to a house is my record, though: eight times. That’s a bitch of a mission, because the police show up (or, at least they did for me), and I didn’t realize you can enter the house through the back door the first three or four times I tried. Then, once you’re inside, you have to contend with four dudes in a closed space with shotguns, and one guy who would always be waiting for me upstairs. Sometimes, the cops would enter the house during the fight, which made things somewhat problematic.

Of course, it wouldn’t be so bad except you have to do the whole enter the name in the police scanner thing and then chase the truck down at the beginning - truly, the only time I really wished for a mid-mission save.

Hands down, Three Leaf Clover…

That mission was just so hard. While the actual mission was still fun I am still pining over the fact that Rockstar makes you start at the VERY beginning of every mission you fail. I was so sick of that drive from Packie’s to the Bank!

I think it took me 6 tries…

yeah, three leaf clover

Three Leaf Clover. While it was semi-frustrating starting over so many times when failing so close to the finish, it was extremely satisfying once I successfully completed it. R.U.B. Down is quickly approaching my record for number of restarts. There’s some trick to it I haven’t figured out yet.

For me, it was the helicopter mission with Jacob. Took me eight tries. Bastard couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn…

The last mission also took me about six tries, which was especially painful due to its length.

Otherwise, there were few missions I had to do more than, say, twice.

Three leaf clover took me 2 tries. The one I failed the most was that simple kill the guy who pulls into the gas station mission but it was also a short and cool mission so it wasn’t that big a deal. So many ways to do it. Wish I had thought about a car bomb from Packie for that one. I will have to get that unlocked for my speed run.

Trick for three leaf clover is to shoot at the backside of the police vehicles to blow them up. That or use grenades which you have at this point. Makes it much easier.

The car race mission. Probably 15 tries. I hadn’t quite gotten my head around high speed driving at that point, but it sure was good practice.

I did 3 Leaf Clover on the first try.

Had 0 problems with Three Leaf Clover, the mission that got me the most was the one where you have to Rescue Roman from the Russian loan sharks. Took me I think 5 tries, with two of them due to bouncing grenades off stairs and killing myself :/

Right now I’m stuck on the mission that Frankie sends you to kill a drug dealer in the projects, then the game wants to you escape the place with police officers who spawned into various sections.

Took me 2 times to beat three leaf clover and it is my favorite mission so far.

Three Leaf Clover. Eight attempts so far. Someone recommended dating Kiki, who can clear your wanted level, so I’m going to try that.

But most of the problems I’ve had with the mission isn’t due to the difficulty with the cops, it’s because of the horrible AI of my fellow bank robbers.

Packie ran up to a cop car, took cover behind it, and the cops blew up the cop car. Bravo, Packie!

Another time, I ran up the stairs to the street level and was told I’d left them behind. I ran back down to collect them, and the stairwell had flooded with cops with shotguns. Nice.

Thus far, Dwayne’s mission that turns into a motorcycle chase. I was cursed the day I played that mission. Things kept going wrong to a truly silly extent.

I think the one I replayed the most was chasing the Russian guy, or possibly the two bikers (until I looked it up which points they can’t be damaged at, when it became shockingly easy but really a low point for the scripted nature of the missions). I love to cut missions short by going all out at the beginning, and I hate it when they script in a way to keep me from doing that.

Usually the game would kick me in the balls like that, then let me succeed unhampered for the next five or six missions, giving me enough of an incentive to continue.

But the mission that got me to quit was the Phil Bell warehouse takeover mission. I’ve failed it six times, each time because Bell ran headlong into enemy fire. Regardless of whether I rushed forward into the killzone myself, or tried to protect him while he did, it was such a quick end after yet another boring pre mission drive around that I couldn’t take it anymore. It’ll be a while before I pick it back up.

So, yeah, I can’t say enough bad things about the suicidal buddy AI.

Also: 3 leaf clover=grenades. Target a guy next to a car and let them rip. I just wanted to reiterate what others are saying, because that is definitely the easy way to get through all of the surface parts, and in the subway there’s much less chance of an instakill.

For some reason, Dwayne’s strip-club mission kicked my ass until I realized you could just run out the door and chase the managers from there.

Yeah that one gave me some problems too - I lucked out and ended up colliding head on with the guy knocking him off his bike and then shot him to death.

Guh. That’s where my savegame is getting old and dusty as well.

Posting without reading because I haven’t finished yet, but so far it’s been Snow Storm. I hate all missions where I have to wrestle with the cover system and ridiculous auto-targeting, and something about this mission just makes it prone to go awry. Must have failed it about five times, every single one of them because my target locked onto the wrong person, I was stuck to cover when I needed to run away, a stray shot blew up a gas tank behind me, or Niko just… wouldn’t… fire…

For the Phil Bel Warehouse mission you have to move quickly to the boats. I’m not even sure you need to kill anyone to do that except as you move along.

Pendadact: Turn the auto-targeting off. I did that this weekend and now I wish I had turned it off a week ago. It makes the gunfights harder, but way more intense and interesting - plus you don’t get tripped up when the targeting goes all screwy.

The most for me was probably about 5 or 6 on Snow Storm, because I kept trying to do things the developer didn’t want me to do, like run away from the cops coming in the front door. Once I gave up on being smart and just concentrated on slowly killing all the cops it was fine.

Three Leaf Clover I got on the second try, and the only reason I died the first time was that I ran up to a cop car and tried to get in. I mean, it’s there, right? That means I can steal it. Even if the door is locked I’ll just bust a window. But of course Rockstar decided that this was going to be a foot mission, despite all the cars around, so trying to open the door just resulted in me getting shot alot. I have to say I didn’t find that mission especially fun. Just a lot of trying to “follow ahead” of my two idiot buddies.

There was another one where you have to fight your way up about 4 stories and each floor has guys on either side of the stairwell, that took me three or four tries. I finally finished it with the help of Dwayne’s homies. I thought I could do the same thing on a vigilante car chase that was giving me trouble, but the homies wouldn’t shoot out of a moving car. Thanks guys!