Which holiday console game is best?

Wanted to see what you console people thought was the best this holiday season. I consider GTA VC as a holiday game… Halloween is close enough.


I’m not going to vote on this one. Each game is very different-- it’s really a question of what your tastes are, more than anything else.

Now, if the question was, which console is the best investment this Xmas, I’d say Xbox hands down. That $199 bundle with JSRF, GT2002, and the S controller is tough to beat-- and the future is brightest for Xbox, in my opinion.

Did you hear about the new bundle for Europe? Xbox with JSRF, GT 2002, Splinter Cell and Halo for like 300 Euros. How much does an Xbox go for now in Europe?

I won’t say it’s the best, but MP is the most fun I’ve had since Halo!

Xcom Elite is going to rock. Its going to be in 3d and glorious!


Sid Meier’s Xcom Elite!

:shock: Hey guys, is this a joke, a real game, or speculation based on Sid’s Microprose license announcement? I’m hoping it’s a real game!!!

“Game developer Sid Meier is busy putting his signature touch on another classic X-Com Elite! The creator of reknown games such as Civilization and Pirates!, Xcom Elite will take you “on a journey through a unique world filled with dozens of aliens intent on taking over the world.” Xcom Elite! is being produced for the PC by Microprose and published by a joint venture between Mark Asher and Tom Chick. X-Com Elite! is scheduled for release sometime in Winter 2003.”

Sounds real to me…

I wish…


Haven’t heard about that bundle yet but last I saw an Xbox with JSRF and GT 2002 went for 249 euros. Compared to that, the 300 euro bundle sounds like a good deal.