Which iPhone X for you?

  • Silver (chrome)
  • Space Gray (black)
  • Shit, bonerz!

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Extra credit:

  • 64GB
  • 256GB

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The last Extra Credit category should have been “Will It Blend?”


Double secret credit: Will it blend?

  • Are you crazy? No!
  • Everything blends
  • Needs more holes

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7 Plus has about 32GB free out of 256GB (I use it a lot for pics and video), so definitely the capacious one for me.


I might’ve been able to get by with a 128 GB option, but without that there’s no way I could live with 64.


How about the 1957 version?


I’ve been developing an iOS game in my spare time… the “notch” at the top of the iPhone X makes me want to defenestrate my computer. What used to be a simple horizontal area for UI now is this weirdo space that is challenging to accommodate. I can only imagine that iOS developers around the world are cursing the decision to include that. At work, we have 4-5 people working to adjust our apps’ UI to the notch. Ugh.


You don’t have to embrace it and just draw black space in those “ears”. Unless, that’s what the end users are going to expect. With so many form factors to develop for, iOS is not what it once was.


True, but Apple discourages that and has told the company I work for to try to take advantage of the space.


People violate the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) all the time. I say “Carpe Diem!”


Sure, but one thing I love about the Apple ecosystem is that a great deal of app makers try to follow Apple guidelines. Like when everyone went to the same flat look and got rid of the skeuomorphism. The apps that didn’t change looked old and outdated soon enough. I would bet that when I finally own an X, I will appreciate the designers who use that space.


Also Apple promotes apps that use their latest shiniest stuff. If your app doesn’t use the ears, you’re dramatically less likely to be featured in the appstore. That’s why you see a ton of apps get superfluous and largely useless AR components these days. My favorite weather app does AR now. It will float a little robot in your room and tell you the weather. Why? Cause Apple.


That is hardly fair. I would guess a ton of people are looking to try AR and every app maker is competing to get those people. Blame your weather apps designer for adding a gimmicky, unless feature, not Apple.

And see, now I am curious, what weather app added that?


I do blame Apple for the reasons I explained above.

Carrot Weather. Delightful and useful app, but the AR stuff is a complete gimmick.


I don’t really think there’s blame. By encouraging use of AR, Apple pressures the market to figure out in what contexts it works and when it doesn’t. They benefit from that crowd-sourced “research.”


When it leads to weather apps adding AR, I think there’s a smidgen of blame warranted.


Edit: Disregard my stupid comment.


There’s enough new coolness on my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11 installed that I’m starting to rethink getting the X this year.

Apple tends to do things a lot better in their first update iteration. Look at all of the issues that the iPhone 6 series had that were fixed in the 6S. Look at my OG iPod Touch with no speaker.

It’s really going to take reading that the new camera is a big improvement for me to make the jump, I think. Plus I kind of want to see one as the decreased screen width from my 7 Plus worries me.


I agree with all the above, but I would kill a man for an OLED display right now. So I’m getting the X.

I’d expect that the full range of iPhone 9 models will have the OLED display too, maybe even with the notch?


Yeah, I fully reserve the right to pull a 180 after seeing the X’s screen in person. :)