Which iPhone X for you?


Weird. No issues at all here activating. Even did it a couple of times, as I decided to try restoring my iTunes backup and see if it had saved some Overcast podcasts I’d downloaded that aren’t available for free download anymore. (Stupid iCloud backup didn’t save those. I’ll know in 23 minutes if iTunes did.)


Yeah I can’t activate either. Same issue.


But how fast can you not activate? Just kidding, crazy notch UI questions aside that phone looks pretty bad-assed.


I don’t think any Android phones are even popular enough to have this problem. Must have been a loooot of iPhone X delivered today.


Never discount how incompetent a provider’s authorization network can be. It took Comcast 3 days to fully authorize a replacement DVR they sent me a couple months ago.


Are you guys activating on new SIMS? I almost invariably put aside the new bundled SIM and just pop in my previous Nano SIM.


Watching Leo Laporte’s unboxing now.


One thing that worries me, if we can’t activate just an hour after UPS delivered the phone… this problem will get worse and worse as the day goes on and people get home :(


AT&T started working for me finally just now. Restoring backup.


That’s still a thing? It’s not very exciting.

Went to the Apple store to pick a case. No line at all. They were packed though. Told the Apple guy about my problem while was waiting for them to get my order and he said I should have brought in, they could have helped. That’s a first. Years ago when I tried to just bring something in they told me tough crap, make an appointment.


Yeah, it wasn’t.


There was a macOS update, after updating, iTunes recognized my phone. Looks like that works. “Verizon is currently activating your phone”


Still got 2 weeks to wait here, which hopefully makes those of you unable to activate cellular data feel a bit better. I know it would if I were in your shoes. Which again I must remind you, I’m not.

Those of you that upgraded from a plus model, how do you like the real-estate in comparison?


The edge to edge(ish) OLED screen is definitely super nice. I kind of agree the 6/7/8 plus is the right screen size but the device is a bit too large due to the bezels and chins.

edit: finally got activated, be warned you have to install OS 11.1 as part of the setup (I guess to restore a backup from that version) so it takes a while.


So far everything is good. Face ID works so quickly you don’t even know it’s there. Still getting used to the two tone thing, since it makes my whites very yellowish. Only real complaint that I don’t know if I can get used to is control panel from the top right. I use it a lot, and I can’t do it with one hand now. That is going to take away from its usefulness a lot for me.


I wish they’d stuck with the Plus screen size for this and just lost the bezels on that, instead of going even more candy-bar in shape. The extra vertical space is pointless, and in landscape mode it’s only useful for making sure the notch doesn’t cover 16:9 content. I’d rather have the extra width from the Plus.

That said, as someone who should wear reading glasses but almost never does, I’m not noticing the X being any harder to read than my Plus was. The insanely great crispness of the screen probably helps.


Yes, I would prefer a bezel-free plus screen too. I’m sure they’ll offer an iPhone X2+ next year. Good to hear it’s readable, I read a ton of ebooks on my phone.


Mine optimistically claims to still be set for delivery today, but this graphic is missing a couple of things that would lead me to believe it. See if you can spot them!

  1. Can I hide the black hint “slide up for crap” bar? It really really bothers me. I get it, slide up from the bottom. I don’t need a bar there 24/7 to remind me.

  2. Apps that haven’t been updated for the X have pretty serious black bars at top and bottom. It’s a not insubstantial loss of screen real estate, almost like going back to a non-plus device. They are OLED pure blacks so they blend perfectly with the bezel and look very clean, of course…

(oops I forgot to go to app store and update apps after restore… getting some new versions, maybe this has been addressed already in the few apps I use)

Also faceid is so good and natural I literally forget it is there. That’s fucking awesome. Consider me 120% sold on faceid over touchid.


Guys make sure you go to iMessage and trigger the animoji button at the bottom to become – let’s face it – what is the only real choice on that page, an ANIMATED POOP FACE.

It’s an iPhone X rite of passage.