Which iPhone X for you?


It’s not out for delivery. I used to live in Tiburon.


It’s slowly starting to dawn on me that I paid $1199 for an animated face poop emoji.



Funny, I was just thinking both of those things as I was playing around. I bet we see an option to disable the bar in future updates, it gets annoying fast. I was surprised how quickly I got used to the slide up to close/open thing. I do it like I have always been doing it after only a couple of hours.

And yeah, non updated apps are pretty glaring now. I stopped using a lot of the free crap apps long ago, so most of my regular apps are continuously updated and support the X, but a couple like the NY Times really stand out with the big black bars.

Another thing, the phone is very quick. Never any delays, everything is instant, with no delays or hiccups. Very responsive. It wasn’t cheap, but so far I love this phone.

Just put my leather case on it, I really didn’t want to, because I think the glass back looks great, but I don’t trust myself.


Not out for delivery, and it never checked in anyplace after leaving Oakland last night.

Sigh. Still no Kindle, and looks like the phone will miss my trip as well. There’s always next week…


Bah missing both the new Kindle and new iPhone? That sucks. The UPS gods are vindictive.


I notice the loss of space a tiny bit, but that could be because my most often used reading app is Reeder, which hasn’t been updated to take advantage of the new screen. I was curious and checked Feedly, which also hadn’t been updated. sigh RSS really is dying.


Initial impressions after a couple hours:

  1. FaceID is amazingly good. Pulling up a password with LastPass without using my thumb is downright magical.
  2. Getting used to the swipe gestures, but it’s becoming natural quickly. Swiping between apps is the biggest change for me, since I’m used to double tap home button and change apps (especially in scenarios like 2 factor cutting/pasting where it’s time limited).
  3. Screen real estate is noticeably smaller than the 7 Plus I had, but I think I will greatly prefer this form factor. It’s much more comfortable to use one handed, and I really like even the extra space on the bottom of the keyboard dedicated to the microphone and keyboard buttons. I do not use my phone for reading, so I can’t comment from that perspective.
  4. OLED screen is beautiful and vibrant. True-Tone is a nice addition that I already had on my iPad Pro.
  5. Like @wumpus said, the phone is FAST.

Overall impressions after the initial activation issue; Very positive.


ios11 is weird in that the web-based passwords/logins it saves (and sometimes is smart enough to offer up inside the app for a website it’s previously logged into) are separate from the icloud KEYCHAIN.

i’ve only seen a single instance where it’s offered to save to the keychain, and that’s after signing into the yelp app.


Have you tried Unread? I like Unread way better than Reeder. It has intuitive gesture.

I think it hasn’t been updated to X though the developer is very responsive.


Supposedly Reeder is being updated but the developer is legendarily slow so I wouldn’t hold my breath. I strongly prefer Reeder to Unread myself.


Unread was recently acquired by another developer - and he released a revamp version - it is now Universal and supports Split View in iPad - free to existing users - with its constant update, it definitely my choice over Reeder. It has theme-ing but the one that swayed me over from Reeder is the user interface.


The Singularity is here. Your $1000USD phone can do this: https://streamable.com/5k8w3


No emoji poo no sale


Ah, the native FaceRig implementation! Can’t wait for this to come as a native feature of Windows!


Anyone else’s X get really warm in the top area around the camera, even under light use? Within a minute of turning on the screen it is warm. Not uncomfortable warm, but warm enough you can feel it through the case. My battery is draining fast too. I figured that was due to initial background processes, but it still seems to be going down fast. Will give it a few days before it worries me, but I hope this isn’t normal.


Definitely have not seen that on mine at all.


Exactly where I and another guy at the Apple Store setup table felt it. It’s just something that was happening under heavy initial load and seems to have resolved itself.


I heard in iOS 11 particularly if you have a ton of photos it does a lot of background BS to try to identify people in the photos, etc. I have a fair number of photos but not thousands.


After leaving Oakland Thursday night, my phone went on a merry journey to San Pablo & Sacramento before finally arriving in San Rafael this morning, marked for delivery Monday. I won’t catch up with it until next Wednesday now, since I’m traveling this afternoon. Boo.


Hmm, well sounds like I may have a bad phone then. In use, it loses about a percentage a minute. I only have a couple hundred pictures, not a lot. I do have a lot of music on it. I guess it could be a rogue app, but the battery usage chart isn’t showing anything odd.

I am going to be stuck anyway, Apple is going to tell me its doing background stuff and give it a couple of days, and getting a replacement will be difficult anyway.

Guess I could do a complete reset…