Which iPhone X for you?


I would definitely give it a couple days. Then try full reset if that doesn’t help.


I’m glad you guys are loving your new kit and not feeling any big gotchas. I’m a bit jealous.


Battery won’t charge above 80%. Sat there for an hour and never went above.


Well that is definitely concerning. Hard reboot does not fix it?


Nope. Support article said its too warm so it stops charging at 80. Contacted support and they ran diagnostics that show its good. But I noticed that in settings>about where it says the number of songs, photos and videos, it still says “loading” so its still doing something. Apple said either let it sit or try a complete reset and see how it acts from a fresh install.


Well it serves me right, never had a problem on new Apple hardware days, but my phone has been bricked for the last several hours. It won’t finish a restore, just sits with white screen with a progress bar that freezes up, all while it is baking hot. Hope I haven’t done permanent damage.

Finally got it reset to factory settings…lets try this again…

Edit: that seemed to work. Just got a faulty install the first time.


I think the most striking element of the X for me is just how tall it really is. It is the longcat of phones.

Not a problem per se, but quite different from the plus in that regard and certainly taller than the non plus.


Yeah, and the height addition is pointless. Makes it wider than 16x9, when you’re reading you’re reading the width of one line… I wish they’d kept the Plus screen ratio and just added a few extra pixels up top for the notch.


Agreed, that’s my biggest concern about the X. I really like the plus-size width (ob. that’s what she said).


Yeah the lack of width and extra height is … not great. It feels like an even taller iPhone 5 in use, not an iPhone plus. It is easier to palm and pocket, but a slightly more proportional width would make it a superior device imo.

Is this extra tall (ultra wide screen when rotated) form factor common in the Android world?


Reminded of the parody images when Apple introduced the iPhone 5… They’re not here yet, but they’re working towards it.


I think the pixel 2 xl has a similar aspect ratio, but it isn’t typical.


It’s the trend this year, though not completely ubiquitous. And Apple went to a further extreme than any of the others I’m aware of (16:9 has been the standard for ages, LG uses 18:9, Samsung is 18.5:9, and Apple is 19.5:9).


I guess I don’t see the big deal. I don’t want a huge phone, but if the length of the screen gives me a little more room for text without the phone becoming gigantic, it works for me.


Yes ultra-tall is becoming de rigeur but those android phones all come in plus versions too. If you don’t like a slim S8, you can get the S8+ or Note8.


Did you already get your X, stusser? I’d be interested to hear the perspective of someone coming from Plus to the slimmer and taller X. I listened to some podcast and there’s this guy in Gruber’s podcast, Jim someone, who came from Plus - he doesn’t think the X was smaller than Plus. There was no complain about smaller real estate.


Hah no. It went into “preparing for shipment” though, so I might get it earlier than the 17th. Or I might not. /shrug

Obviously anyone on Gruber’s podcast is happy with whatever Apple does. If Apple covertly paid to arm the al-Nusra Front with biological weapons that only killed toddlers, Gruber would somehow rationalize that as the right and proper thing for them to do.


yeah, ha ha … that’s why I rather hear from the hive mind of Qt3…


I think the height concerns are a little overplayed personally. Many apps DO make good use of the extra length (twitter, email, web, text, etc).

BUT the aspect ratio does make landscape support in anything other video players and games pretty much worthless. Honestly I’d rather some apps pull landscape support than keeps useless implementation.


I’m transitioning from a 6 Plus to an X, and I do miss a bit of the screen real estate, but the tradeoff for improve pocketability and ease of grasp is worth it to me. Will I hand my X to my wife and move to an X+ in a future year? Probably. I could easily see myself with a phone the size of the current Plus model with the edge-to-edge display of an X. I dream of such a beast.