Which iPhone X for you?


I predict the battery life of X will be insane. iphones always punch above their weight when it comes to battery life. Now with a high fidelity OLED (finally) it will be even more impressive.


And pre-order time is nearly upon us! Any other idiots going to be waking up at 3:00AM to get one of these?

I’m thinking of strategically going for the Silver 64GB model. In every online poll I’ve seen, it’s the least popular model. I’ve always had silver / white iPhones, so I’m totally fine with the silver back (which I will be putting into a black case) and after wiping my last phone, I’ve still got 40GB of my 64GB used. Seems it was all those old iMessages that I cleaned out that were filling me up. And now they’re gone… Plus all the apps I never used.


Yeah I’m getting the silver 64GB tonight. I agree it will be less popular. I hate white phones on the front, but that doesn’t apply to the X. I like the silver back, but I’ll have it in a midnight blue case anyway.

Buying it outright. If I don’t like it, I’ll just resell locally on Craigslist for a huge markup and make money.


I freaking should have known I’d 180. See above. Probably going to upgrade. 256GB black.

Splitting the cost with the 0% interest financing, it only works out to a few bucks more than my iPhone 7 Plus per month. Yeah, it’s also another year of payments, but that’s 2019 Denny’s problem, not 2017 Denny’s.


@DennyA if you use the Apple financing, pre-qualify and reserve your phone in the apple store app right now. Don’t wait until midnight/3AM.

Also remember if you froze your credit that you will fail the financing credit check.


Yep, did that yesterday, @stusser. All good. :)


I’m torn on the X. I have a 7 Plus which is working fine, but am worried about two things: 1) The X is actually narrower screen-wise and I might not like the change and 2) I’m really worried about about FaceID working as well as TouchID for how often I use it to authenticate things.


If you don’t like it just resell at a huge profit. That’s my plan.


Yeah I am very worried about the iPhone X being massively oversold and undersupplied…


That’s been pretty clearly signaled in the media. Even though I’ll be locked and loaded at 3AM and buying the less popular silver model directly from Apple, I probably won’t get in the first set of shipments.


Correspondingly they may have produced less Silver, so you may still end up not getting it in the first batch.

I think it is pretty safe to assume you will only get it in early Nov if you are REALLY REALLY lucky, regardless of colour.


LOL, I annoy the hell out of future tmastern all the time! That poor dumb bastard…


Guess I’ll be up for it. I did the whole prequalify thing on the app. I really don’t want to spend the money though, and I am questioning if I want to be an early adopter.

Grey/256gb here.


Note that even if you’re buying the phone outright, you must have a mobile wireless account with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon to pre-order the phone. Only T-mobile doesn’t require a preexisting account.

T-mobile and Sprint are less popular than AT&T and Verizon so it might ship faster anyway. Same deal with silver vs. black back.


Aren’t new phones, even when paid in full, locked to your account and you have to go through the unlock process?


I expect you’re right, but I’m going to try my best. Going to load up the Apple Store app on my phone and iPad, as well my wife’s phone and iPad (logged into my account). Plus my laptop, although the Apple web store has never come online first.


No, if you pay full price the phone is always unlocked.


Well the Apple store app now says “come back later” but I did favorite the iPhone X model I want in the app earlier, so we’ll see at 12:01 am I guess.


Every year I try to use the web store, every year it fails. I am just going straight to the app this year.


White 256. I’m thinking really hard about T-mobile, because verizon’s WiFi voip client on iOS is rubbish. Totally incompetent effort compared to T-mobile’s WiFi performance. Beyond annoying if you try to actually use it.