Which iPhone X for you?


I don’t see any value loss, generally. Bay Area resales are pretty easy, though, and I’m pretty careful with my devices. They generally look excellent when I’m done with them, and I get to actually handle those nice finishes myself (rather than saving them for someone else).

To each his or her own, though :-)


One good drop and you are fucked though. A simple clear plastic bumper case prevents that 98% of the time, and you can see the fancy finish just fine. Also since the lip extends over the front a tiny bit it helps prevent screen cracks as well if you happen to drop face down.

If it was some shitty generic Android device with terrible resale values, sure, I am with you. I definitely do not bother in those scenarios.

One thing I should have mentioned, I don’t do glass screen protectors on my devices, because the part you do touch the most is on the front, plus the clear thin plastic cases partially protect the screen as already noted.

(I put glass screen protectors on my wife and kids iOS devices religiously though)


Amen to that.

The lone exception to a similar situation was putting a glass screen protector on my plastic-screened Switch. Scratched plastic screens (wtf, Nintendo) are a serious downer, and happen so easily.


Those look like crap though, they make the phone look cheap. Now the leather cases, they look better with age.

I do go caseless sometimes, but the 7 was just too dang slippery.


What’s up with the Apple folio-leather case for the X though? Has leather case been always folio? I am not sure I like the idea of talking with the flap hitting my face.


No, you can get it sans flap. And you should. Folio cases are for poseurs.


Ok, found it (it wasn’t feature on their accessories page … $49 as compared to that folio $99) … thumbs up!


I did the Apple 0% finance/upgrade program and at first I was perturbed I’d have to send back my 256GB 7 Plus instead of selling it. But then I realized I’m essentially getting about $600 back by not having to pay it off. Which is not far out of the range of what I could sell it for, and saves me the hassle and risk of selling it.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up using on my 7 Plus, to show off the cool black design, but they get dirty really easily and end up looking like crap. I actually ended up getting a UAG Pathfinder, which I had on my 6 Plus. It’s big and bulky, but that’s intentional, as I’m trying to make the X a bit wider so I can avoid having to replace the ProClip mount in my car. :)


Get your tracking number now: https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykarcz/2017/10/29/iphone-x-now-shipping-heres-how-to-get-tracking-info-early/

Mine is in China still.


Oh, that’s one nice thing about picking up the phone from the store… I won’t waste a couple of hours this week watching my phone fly across the ocean and impatiently waiting for it to clear customs. :)


Well, I think with UPS I can change the location to a UPS Store and just pick it up whenever. The problem with that is if the UPS Store is full, they just don’t deliver it anywhere and send you an email. Happened to me once and was a real pain in the ass.



The actual video is… Uh… Whew.


Yeah, she’s a massive douche.

I feel badly for her dad, except that he SHOULD know better than to let a pre-release product out like that. Apple are famous for secrecy.


The product is announced and shipping. All she did was cut off the media NDA by a week. Firing seems excessive.


This is an almost hilariously flagrant NDA violation, against a company notorious for (attempting) secrecy. If Apple decided to show leniency, that’d be cool of them, but I have a hard time with any argument that Apple should go easy on the employee.

Edit: the article also points out recording video on Apple’s campus is forbidden. A lot of bad decisions went into letting this happen.


If it was unannounced product, absolutely. But it isn’t. We’ve all seen video of the iPhone X from the announcement when media was allowed to play around with it. Reviewers have had iPhone Xs for weeks now and reviews are ready to post the instant the embargo expires.


From the article:

And it’s important to stress that this wasn’t a garden variety iPhone X. As an employee device, it had sensitive information like codenames for unreleased products and staff-specific QR codes.

I don’t know how much of that could be seen in the girl’s original video, but I suspect even the idea that someone could freeze frame it and get some info is a red alert for Apple.


If any of that stuff was in the video then firing is absolutely justified. If not, it’s really harsh.


I guess what I’m saying is harsh is okay and not bad. It would be one thing if the circumstances were accidental somehow. But for the employee to knowingly allow all this is crazy. You keep saying things like “all she did was break an embargo” or “break the NDA a week early”. And I’m like, yes, and this is how and why those are enforced.