Which iPhone X for you?


So if they reduced internal storage to 2GB that wouldn’t be a regression because you could still mount external storage using an adaptor?

(Actually not sure you can do that on IOS, you can on Android).


You can’t do that on iOS. They have little flash drives you can plug-in and then run a specific app to play movies and whatnot off that storage, but no generic removable storage.

Actually now that iOS10 supports document providers, it might be possible to do so in a generic way. But so far nobody has done it.


Spoken like someone who apparently never owned an iPhone 6 Plus.

I had three of them. Defects so bad they replaced the phone twice outside of AppleCare coverage for a grand total cost of $35. Let’s not even talk about my Apple Watch Series 2 where the glass split around the edges and popped off while I was driving and the watch wasn’t touching/hitting anything. Or, hasn’t happened to me, but how about people with $2,500 MacBook Pros who have to replace entire keyboard because a piece of dust disabled the space bar?

Apple’s build quality is generally above the industry average, but given recent history I always shell out for AppleCare now, which raises the Apple Tax rate even higher.


Shrug, I had a 6+ and no problems with it. Obviously nobody has zero defects.

I’ve never had to repair a phone and don’t lose them, so I don’t get insurance.


I’ve had my fair share of iPhone issues. Just 2 weeks ago I had to take my 7 in because there was a spot on the screen that was extra bright (been there since I got it) but also the ear-speaker was getting hard to hear and barely audible when playing music.

My iPhoneX is in Anchorage! Even though Apple hasn’t sent out tracking numbers, they do in fact exist. You’ll find them on your MyUPS account.


Well, sure, lots of people never had issues with their 6 Plus units. My dad is still rocking his.

But there were endemic design issues with it: First, bending, discovered at launch, and then after they’d been out for about 12-18 months, the issues with the touchscreen chip connection becoming intermittent and the touchscreen becoming non-responsive (and sometimes related glitching at the top of the display). This one was common enough that Apple replaced my out-of-warranty 6 Plus with a new unit for free because it was an established problem with the design by the time it hit me. (And the issue made the media a month or two later.) Same issue then hit the replacement unit three weeks before the 7 Plus shipped, so when I swapped it out, I was able to sell my 6 Plus as being only two weeks old. :)


Maybe but the 6 is ancient. Wasn’t that the first iPhone to have that body? Talk to me about 6s or 7 or 8 issues as those all have future iterations of what is externally the same, identical body. They probably worked out whatever “first body style” issues they had. I recall the 6 also had bendiness problems in pockets as well?


I’ll get the X v3 when it has G-Sync/ProMotion and teledildonics.


I think they’re planning holo. Not tele.


Maybe it is wiser to wait for XI?


Ancient, yeah, 2014… Consult the scrolls for news of those long-forgotten times. :) Seems like three years old might still be in danger of fitting your used Apple product statement above – hasn’t quite gotten to the stage where you need to hire an archaeologist to find an iPhone 6 Plus. (Especially since it still was the “newest model” through 2/3 of 2015.)

Yeah, it was the first iPhone to have that body. (And bendgate, which they fixed in the 6s by reinforcing it.)

And the iPhone X is the first iPhone to use this new design. Which is why I’m AppleCare protecting the living shit out of it, because not only are Apple’s products not as reliable as they used to be based on my own anecdata, but it’s the first iPhone to have this body.

My higher brain long ago learned the lesson on iPods, Touches, phones, and laptops to wait for the second iteration for Apple to get the kinks out. Alas, my monkey brain wants the new toy and any kind of camera improvements he can get, so he overrode the higher brain this time around. :)


OK, I got the ship and pre-sign notification for the X… so anyone who won’t be home for the delivery, be sure to print this out and post it on your door.

Believe me, the UPS people know new iPhone day when it happens…

@DennyA I agree the new form factor is always a little risky, but a whole new product category is two orders of magnitude more risk. iPhone 1 in 2007, Apple Watch v1 in whatever year that was, etc.

You pretty much have to applecare the X because full price screen repair for it is like $400.


I’ll be home, but changed my delivery to the local ups store. The last time I did that the store was “full” and refused my package, so now I am nervous.


Any of you guys experiencing the facial unlock issues I am reading some grumblings about?


No, because no one outside of select reviewers have the phone. Not even the Australians have it yet, they’ve got just over 4 hours to go.

What are these grumblings you’ve read about?


That it can get a little finicky and tedious.


Everything I have seen has been the opposite, that it isn’t finicky, but you must be looking at it (unless you turn off a setting).

I’ll let you know tomorrow.


Just a heads up. Supply seems to be sufficient in NZ and Australia. Not super limited. Some people can rock up later in the day and still get an iphone X.

YMMV. We have plenty of Switch in all our retailers. No shortage since launch.


I ordered a 256 Space Gray X on Tuesday and my shipping estimate was Dec 13–20, but today it improved to Dec 1–8. So that’s a good sign I guess.


That sucks!