Which new RTS are you going to buy?

The other thread needed a poll.


I voted Rome Total War. I already know what to expect from the Total War series so it’s a given.

I need to play the Warhammer demo some more before I decide whether I like it or not and I have to play the Kohan 2 demo, period.

Speaking of Rome TW. Someone made a really nice mod program for the demo. You can get it at the site below. Put it on a clean install of the RTW demo.

Basically its an app that you can create your own custom battles with the two maps (tutorial/Trebia) but only with the units/factions that were in the demo. Use the link below to download it. Scroll down and look at the screenshot of it. Its awesome been playing with it all day.


I pushed “None!” into the lead! Go none!

Is there a Kohan 2 demo somewhere? I’ll be getting warhammer for sure after playing in the beta and the demo.

In recent years I have gone from RTS fanboy to hating every RTS release. However, I still hold out the unlikely hope that one will turn up that will revive my long lost love. I’ll probably buy at least one of Kohan II and RTW, and maybe both, but I’m not holding out too much hope.

The Kohan II: Kings of War demo is done and will be out shortly.

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There’s just too many games coming out in the next three months. There’s going to be a lot of disappointed publishers and developers after the Holidays.


Strategy gaming in general is far too overcrowded this holiday season. The list of games in the broader category is as follows:

Port Royale 2
Civilization 3 Complete
WH40K Dawn of War
Kohan 2
Castle Strike
Crusader Kings
Rome Total War
Rise of Nations Gold Edition
Super Power 2
Worlds at War
Armies of Exigo
Axis and Allies
Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth
Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder
Medieval Conquest

And that brings us to the end of December.

I bolded the ones that I predict will stand out from the crowd at retail.

Yeah, but even beyond strategy gaming it’s just way overloaded with high profile games this year. I see a lot of crying eyes on the horizon. :(


Tell me about it :cry:

Too many games to play? Too many to play right now, maybe. Just get 'em all and then play them at your leisure, and you’ll have games to play during the next game drought. When folks are complaining about “no new games” come March, I’m going to unbury this thread… ;)

I think the claim is not that it is too many games for the consumer but too many for the retailers/devs/publishers. As consumers, we can buy one now and catch the others in the bin, but that’s a loss for whoever made those other games.

What he said. I hate the click, click, clickety click in these games.

Speaking from a developers point of view the problem is simply that there are too many games being released at one time… fine you might say if a game is good then people will buy it later. That’s not exactly how it works. What happens is that you release a great game, one that may even be appealing to a lot of people and if it doesn’t sell well right out of the gates then you lose shelf space and your game gets relegated to the bargain bin at which point it’s too late for you. I have always thought the “release at christmas or else” stuff was nonsense unless you are a huge mainstream title… but the people who decide such things always disagree.

I would assume everyone who clicked “none” did so because he or she is saving up for Empire Earth 2 next year.

I agree, but I was speaking from a buyer’s point of view. More good games than I have time to play is a problem that I think that I can live with, as a gamer.

I agree, but I was speaking from a buyer’s point of view. More good games than I have time to play is a problem that I think that I can live with, as a gamer.[/quote]

Yeah, but what sucks is that all of these developers that will get crushed by the headliners will be scared off from developing another RTS or a followup to the one they are releasing this holiday season. It’s basically a down payment on a future RTS drought.

Wait a minute … RTS drought?

Is that an oxymoron?

Actually, yes. :) I haven’t played a true RTS beyond the demo since I don’t know when, but EE2 actually looks promising in their approach to micromanagement with what they’ve shown in the previews. If they can deliver that with decent AI (always a deal breaker), I’m in.