Which one of these you guys interested in?

World of Warcraft, Mythica, or City of Heroes?

all three sound pretty interesting one of these has to not suck!

UX:O but out of those three probably city of heroes then WoW.

– Xaroc

I’d put money, first, on World of Warcraft. Second would be City of Heroes, though Mythica doesn’t look too bad, either. Really, though, I think WoW is least likely to suck.

City of Heroes. If it doesn’t suck, it’ll be the first MMORPG I play for more than the trial period…

It’ll probably suck, though.

Why wasn’t this question posed as a poll? Whatever happened to polls around here? I miss them.

This is a stealth poll designed to throw off people.

– Xaroc

UXO. It’s the only MMO striving to be different.

City of Heroes. Hopefully the year plus delay is for the better. I think the concepts of super-teams and fame seem to be good fits for a MMORPG.

Too early to tell. Without beta or release, it’s all marketing goop.

I’m going to try all three, and I’m equally interested in all three, more or less.

In WoW I expect tons of content at start and the excitement of massive numbers of players all discovering the game at once.

In Mythica I’m hoping for really cool group adventures and the spectacle of getting really cool godlike powers right off the bat.

In City of Heroes I get to design and play as a superhero. That says it all right there.

All three with have the instanced adventures that I got a nice taste of and liked in Lost Dungeons. Really, all three could be great.

Don’t forget Dragon Empires, Guild Wars, Lineage 2, and others coming out next year as well. They all look good to me.

Mythica and City Of Heroes are my two interests. I couldn’t care less about Blizzard’s warmed over EQ clone.

I’m going to play City of Heros but I imagine it will suck.

Well I really like how the 3 of them are doing private zones so that you can really minimize camping and other really annoying aspects of MMORPG’s I also want to see how CoH turns out because its not ye olde fantasy world #386731. Mythica and WoW have a edge over CoH in that they are being made by publishers that won’t have to worry about running out of development money (and in WoW they really don’t want to push it out too soon because of Blizzards reputation) and pushing the game out a buggy unfinished mess.

WoW has nice features. I like the mounts and the way they seem to be making the races actually matter. I also like the idea of having good and bad guys in the game, a la Warcraft. The classes look interesting, if a bit conventional. Blizzard’s artwork is always solid and they have some of the better netcode out there. I think it will be successful AND fun, which is something Blizzard is very good at. They know how to addict people. I expect Diablo’s looting and leveling with Warcraft’s tactics and strategy. Yummy.

None. I despise MMORPGs in any incarnation.

Which is the one iwth no monthly fee? The Microsoft one or is it “Guild Wards” or something?

That’ll be the first MMORPG I ever try.

Guild wars. From what I’ve seen of it, it looks to be diablo ii ++.