Which online audience is friendliest?

Until now, I have done all my online gaming on the PC, mostly MMOs. I enjoy FPS gaming, but I generally suck at them, so I tend not to bother taking that play experience online. I did play HL:Team Fortress online for a while, and managed to find the odd game that wasn’t full of abusive l33t 13 year olds (that was a pretty long time ago though).

So, if I took any FPS game online, and I had a choice of all 3 platforms, which one has the friendliest, most mature audience? Or are they all bad? I have all the current consoles, and a network, but haven’t bothered connecting anything up yet. Just wondering if its even worth the effort.


friendly online audience is my new oxymoron of the day

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Not sure how much you’d like the game, it’s not pure FPS, and I haven’t even played it myself but WWII Online is supposed to have an older playerbase. That’d probably be a recipe for a more helpful and friendly environment but I don’t even know if it’s around anymore.

I’m pretty sure it is.


Once you get into the community, they can be frankly badass. Once you get past the overwhelmed stage because actually getting into the game and talkin to folks can be a bit overwhelming and discouraging to start with, despite the fact they made it a lot more user friendly with the big UI change. A pretty decent tight-nit community.

— Alan

bad memories flood back, runs off crying :cry:

Isn’t that a persistant world MMO? I guess that shouldn’t stop me though. I had forgotten about it. It was supposed to be buggy as hell on release, hopefully that’s improved. Thanks for the suggestion, i will look into it.

Any other thoughts?

The players in WW2 Online go out of their way to help newcomers. None of the leet speek or calling people fags either. Nice crew.

Oh, Diablo II and battlenet. Make sure to ask Korean youngsters for help.

I’ve had some great experiences with http://onlineracin.com, a community of which I’m still a member. My guess is that since 1) you have to pay up and 2) the audience for sim racing games skews towards the older gamer many of the problems that come up with online communities solve themselves.

I’ve also heard good things about the communites associated with flight sims, again probably because the typical gamer isn’t 13.

Hmm, I tried that and I was called gay… somegthing about a sword, my ass and oh, hmm, kim chee…Must have been the wrong server.

Nah, the best way to make friends is to play WoW, hang around Orgrimmar or Ironforge, and ask people for money.

Nah, the best way to make friends is to play WoW, hang around Orgrimmar or Ironforge, and ask people for money.[/quote]

Beggars deserve everything they get.

Will cyber for Zeny!

Eve online has a pretty friendly playerbase, but given the very slow pace of the game, it should probably come as a given that you have more patient players there.

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You’ll find it on Live.

The Total War games are slightly notorious for attracting either old men into history OR 13 year old boys into hitting people with swords and saying stuff that translates as “Oh my god, your abilities are so meager, it is quite as if I took possession of you, what the fuck? I must inform you that I am laughing out loud, physically chortling, which you would not otherwise know as our discussion is necessarily limited by the shortcomings of written communication.”.

It could make for odd chatroom/lobby logs.

I had an awesome time with Boneyards and the TA community. Players would train the noobies to get training hours towards their GW rank and the noobies would get help and hopefully become better at the game. Of course I ended up beating a guy who was training me with his own tactics.