Which processor is better?

Given that the two systems have equal specs otherwise, which is better:

(1) A PC with an Athlon X2 3800+ processor
(2) A PC with a Pentium D processor running at 2.8Ghz

The X2. No contest.

For any given speed, the AMD chip will run slightly faster, for a much lower price, and a lower power (thus it’s cooler and saves electricity).

The long answer is well, long. If you’re trying to decide for the purchase of a new machine, I think the motherboard is more important.

Once stable chipsets came out for AMD (no need for VIA junk!), then there really was no use for getting Pentium 4’s.

It’s like Va Tech beating Duke 45-0! :lol:

aren’t the pentium M’s like the bees knees now as far as performance goes?

If you are actually deciding between an x2 and a PD, and are looking to go with the AMD, scope out the x2 4400+. I’m lovin’ mine, and primarily decided to go with it for the double the L2 cache for each core (1MB each for the 4400+ as opposed to 512KB each for the 3800+). Of course, if you are budget minded, you might not want the extra cost. For the price, the 3800+ is damn fine.

Pentium Ms (esp. overclocked) were comparable with the best from either company about 5 months ago. Things have progressed a good bit since then (while the M has only gone up 5% or so), and that’s no longer the case. Yonah should help them catch up early next year though :)

Is Yonah the one designed to both faster than the current gen of Pentium Ms while using only 1/2 the wattage? It’d be awesome if we can get powerful laptops that could last up to 8-9 hours.

Hell, maybe I’ll be able to play semi-demanding games between flights without worry!