Which publisher do you like better, Square Enix or Atlus?

As I move between Disgaea, Shiren Mystery Dungeon, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Etrian Odyssey, it occurred to me that I spend a lot of time with games published by those two (Atlus/SE) companies. I was wondering what the rest of you JRPG/SRPG fans thought were the best of the two publishers. My son and I agreed that SE takes properties and throws them into the blender for some other new take (how many Final Fantasy games are there now??) while Atlus seems more likely to take a chance on games that won’t have wide appeal (Etrian Odyssey).

So any thoughts? I’m not quite at the ‘buy no matter what’ phase with either publisher, but games that they put out will certainly garner a close look. I also realized that of course the first two games I named are not SE/Atlus titles, but I still spend a lot more time on the last two than the first two.

add both!!

ATLUS blows my skirt up. Even their failures are interesting.

ATLUS is Miramax, and SQEENIX is Warner Bros.

I’ll refrain from voting since I don’t know any games by Atlus, but I’ve been a huge FF fan from back when I played FF on the NES and then SNES. Now that I have a PS3, I went out and got FFXII to get back into things and only a couple of hours in and I’m loving it. I really missed my FF games since I stopped playing console games back in the mid-90s, so as long as SE puts out FF games, I’m there. Well, as long as they are offline single-player ones, that is.

I used to like Atlus more, but did you see what she was wearing in homeroom last week? Like OMG. Now I’m totally going to hang out with Square Enix!


FFT FFX12 or Nocturne!! hard choice.

Hard to compare. Squeenix puts out more crap, but historically they have a lot of classics and FF12 was a brilliant game. A lot of Atlus’ stuff is very similar (all the La Pucelle, etc. games between the two Disgaea’s are kinda forgettable) , but they’re by far the most prolific publisher of turn-based strategy right now on any system and I’ve liked a lot of their stuff. If we’re going by which publisher I’m more interested in right now and not which publisher do you like based on their historical contributions, it’s definitely Atlus.

I have a feeling most people will go with Atlus, but I went with Squeenix. Their games are often the reason I buy consoles. I bought FF3 (FF6) and my SNES at the same time. I bought FF7 and my PS1 at the same time. I bought FFX and my PS2 at the same time. I’m sure you can guess when I’m buying my PS3.

Square-Enix tends to be a lot more consistent in terms of quality. While every game isn’t top notch, very few of their games are genuinely bad and most are pretty accessible from a gameplay point of view. SE also has an absolutely tremendous back catalog.

While Atlus releases the occasional really great game (Persona 3, specifically The Journey), they release a lot of games that appeal solely to the japanophile and that are overly complicated/difficult. Some people like that, but I don’t. But I do appreciate that the company is willing to take chances, and I’m certainly glad they exist.

Production values, yes; gameplay quality, not so much. Off the top of my head, The Bouncer and Unlimited Saga were both pretty terrible.

I’m a big fan of the Squeenix back catalog, but have not found much of their new stuff to be what I’m looking for at the time I play it. Not to say they are bad games, just not me. Though TWEWY was one of the best bright spots I’ve seen from them in a while.

Altus has been taking chances and making some great little niche games that have absolutely sucked me in (Shiren, EOII and others), so right now they are slightly more preferred but I’m an open man.

Right now: Atlus. I loved FFXII, too, and I like what SE is doing with rereleasing classics on the DS. I also like the DQ games on the handheld. But Atlus brings over a lot of quirky Japanese games that no one else will touch. I love them for that. I wish another Atlus would come along and port games to the U.S. Japan is still getting more cool games than we are. They have all the cool ones that we have, plus some more.

Atlus is definitely the king of the quirky niche very-Japanese game scene and the SMT series (with spinoffs) owns my soul. Squeenix…lotta solid games with high production values, some of which are among my favorites (FFX, for example) but they don’t seem prone to doing much risktaking anymore. TWEWY is the only original thing I’ve seen out of them in absolutely ages. It’s fucking awesome, and if they keep doing stuff that out there (though not churning out endless sequels to it, thanks) then they might well edge back into first. Though, on the other hand, Atlus is the company that just published a strategy RPG involving British werewolves facing off against Nazi vampires. SO HARD TO CHOOSE!

I will say that Atlus and Enix are closer than Atlus and Squaresoft, for the games before the two merged. Yeah, Enix did the very staid, if feature-rich, Dragon Warrior series (doesn’t get a lot more old-school fantasy RPG than that), but they’re also the EVO folks, and Valkyrie Profile, among other radical departures.

Ahh, the JRPG… because having a day job isn’t enough, you need to work in a virtual factory doing the same shit over and over so that once in a while you get patted on the head and subjected to cringe-worthy videos and voice-overs.

Atlus is great, Enix is great, Square blows. So I voted for Atlus.

I agree that TWEWY is one of the best SE games I’ve played in some time. Still I give the nod to Atlus due to their niche games. I would say the DS has been very kind to Atlus this generation with EO1 and 2 and the TBS genre.

You’ll probably get a lot of support for your views in this thread.

As juvenile as this thread is, it brings up a good point. Atlus makes unique but flawed games, and Square Enix makes mainstream, fancy but increasingly decent (instead of paradigm-shifting) games. Personally, I’d rather have someone try and fail than never try at all.

I am not quite sure what we are gonna see out of Square-Enix over the next few years. FFXIII looks like its in development hell (just like FFXII), to say nothing of that ridiculous subfranchise they are building with it (to join the Ivalice subfranchise, and the FF7 subfranchise). Yasumi Matsuno is no longer with the company and that guy was a genius (Ogre Battle, FFT, FFXII, Vagrant Story). It seems like an interesting time for the now-lumbering rhino of Japanese videogaming. They are bigger, but I don’t think they are branching out in different genres and such like they did on PlayStation.

I really haven’t played any Atlus games in a very long time. I will say this though, I am glad there is a company like Atlus around.

Not to derail the thread too much, but have any of the Final Fantasy spinoff games since Final Fantasy Tactics been at all worth playing? I kind of stopped paying attention after X-2.