Which publisher do you like better, Square Enix or Atlus?

Crisis Core is pretty good, and the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance series is decent. The latest Crystal Chronicles for the DS was underappreciated as well.

I will vote Atlus, because I really really like the SMT battle system & monster combining system, and that the way Persona 3’s monster powerup system ties into its theme of relationships is just sublime…

However, I recognize that Square Enix never makes the same game system twice. They may have tons of sequels, but they all play a little differently. (Or a lot differently, like FF XII.) (Dragonquest might be an exception…) So it’s not like SE is resting on their laurels.

Chocobo tales DS was very good I thought (also see Dragon Quest rocket slime)

Atlus seems to take more risks: Riviera, Etrian, Contact, Izuna, not to mention Tactics Ogre back in the day - I’m glad someone took a stab at bringing those to the US.

I like Atlus’s philosophy more, but I recognize that I probably like the average Square game more on average.

Atlus delivered Persona 3, S-E didn’t. Atlus’ current dominance in the SRPG genre is not that important to me, but the fact they have a game on their roster that for once integrates mechanics with plot in a meaningful, well translated manner that has eluded S-E forever is enough. How hard can this be?

I voted Atlus because I’m willing to buy almost anything they put out. Yes I’ve been dissapointed but they’ve taken a lot of chances and I respect them for that. They have also given me some of the best times I’ve had in gaming. There are very few Atlus games I don’t own at this point.

As much as I love Atlus – and I do, because Persona 3 was -phenomenal- – I have to give my nod to SE thanks to the all the great games I’ve played from them for the last 10-15 years. Final Fantasy games have dictated my console purchases, and the primary reason I own a PS3 is because it’s the Final Fantasy machine. FF12 is one of the best games I have ever played, and I’ve played through it twice.

It’s close, though. Atlus has published some real gems, and I look forward to playing more stuff of theirs.

Atlus FTW

Both companies put out games I desperately want to play, and a lot of games I ignore on the store shelf. It’s just that Square as of late has a larger buy vs. ignore ratio.