Which Saints Row will we get in the movie?


Forget the awful Sonic the Hedgehog film. The director of Straight Outta Compton, F. Gary Gray, is developing a Saints Row movie. Deadline reports that Gray is working with Greg Russo, (not related to the Marvel Russo brothers) to bring those lovable Third Street Saints to the big screen. Actually, that raises an interesting question. If the movie ever gets made, and many in-development movies never leave the writing stage, will we see the Grand Theft Auto inspired gangsta Saints from the first game, or the wacky dildo bat goofballs that fought aliens and the Devil?

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Straight Outta Saints Row!

This could be good, but not sure all the humour translates to celuloid and the big screen. The two first ones were semi-serious, the third and fourth one would be more “America Fuck Yea” Team America territory, but will that work with “live action” characters vs. dolls?


I wanna see them riding a chariot harnessed to a guy in full bondage gear wearing a ball gag. And having a tank battle while falling through the sky.


John Singleton could do it justice.


Somebody get Keith David’s agent on the phone, stat!