Which single player PC game would you recommend?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a single player game; I’ve been casting a beady eye at Splinter Cell, but I’m open to ideas. Here’s a few games that I’ve enjoyed recently (and not so recently).

System Shock 2 (One of my favorite games ever.)
No One Lives Forever 2
Fallout 2 (My favorite game ever… I love the true turn based combat !)
Master of Magic
Golden Sun (Gameboy Advance)

I’m a real sucker for a horror / sci-fi FPS, but I get sick of the cigar-chomping tough-guy marines-soldier-type-characters; would rather play a weak/unpredictable protaganist than an I’m-such-a-badass character. (Thus a bit of reticence for splinter cell.)

I also love true-turn based combat - fallout 1 and 2, etc.

I didn’t care for Morrowind (despised the combat system) or Warcraft III very much, if that helps for suggesting titles. Games with compelling stories and interesting character development are always welcome.

Oh, and has anyone here played Age of Wonders 2 ? I tried to play the first one, but couldn’t stand the itsy-bitsy monster graphics - even on my 19 inch monitor, at 640x480, my earth elementals looked like 6 pixel high dog turds (I’m more of a fan of septerra core / Heroes of Might and Magic 2 size beasts - I’d much rather fight monsters than health bars!) Are the beasts bigger?

Thanks for your input!

Well, you didn’t metion Grand Strategy RTS, but I’ll throw my two cents in.

Europa Universalis II

If you’ve mastered the hardest difficulty before, try the latest patch. It’s a killer on single player. Army maintenance costs are much higher. It’s a bit of a cheat, but worth the trouble.


Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dragon!

For the Apple //, of course. Ah, the early days of voice sampling.

Have you played Deus Ex yet? How about the Thief games? Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but you might also try The Longest Journey or something more adventure-y.

As for AoW2, it’s much better than the first. both visually and in terms of gameplay. The single-player campaign can be a bit tricky though, as you often start missions with nothing and tackle AI opponents with pre-built empires.

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Have you had a chance to play Mafia or Freedom Force?

An answer to your question: monsters can be suitably big, especially if you zoom in closer than default, and the animations in the game are wonderful. Also, like Optimus Prime, Age of Wonders 2 is one of the only games out there that can transform itself into a totally different kind of game! That little sultry shimmy the nymphs make seconds before they irrevocably steal your level 24 hero by flashing their vagina at him is just one of many great moments in AoW2, especially when you use the zoom feature in conjunction with the pause key to transform Age of Wonders 2 from a turn-based fantasy strategy game to a gynecology simulator. Its something like the Fantastic Voyage meets The Varginha Incident 3. Thumbs up!

Have you ever played Jagged Alliance 2? The Gold edition sells for $19.99, and if you liked the sort of combat (and non-linear game structure) that Fallout has, you’ll probably like JA2 as well.

Another vote for JA2. If Fallout 2 is your favourite game, you should definitely get JA2.

Another vote for JA2. If Fallout 2 is your favourite game, you should definitely get JA2.[/quote]

Another vote for JA2

Another vote for JA2. If Fallout 2 is your favourite game, you should definitely get JA2.[/quote]

Another vote for JA2[/quote]

Ditto, great suggestion. You can probably get the Gold version for even cheaper than that, nowadays. (assuming you can find it)

With the list that you presented here Freedom Force is a no-brainer…

Stop Time combat, great storyline, by the creators of Shock 2, cool RPG elements, etc. etc. etc.

You can’t go wrong with JA2 if you like turn-based combat. Having not played Fallout Tactics, I can’t say first hand, but most people I know say JA2 is far superior to FT… this coming from Fallout fans.

Another game I haven’t seen recommended yet is Medieval Total War. The 3d tactical combat is among the best I’ve seen. The strategy part of the game is a lot like Risk or Axis and Allies.

Splinter Cell is an excellent game, as are the Thief games. I can also vouch for JA2, another fantastic game. Other excellent SP games include Morrowind, Wizardry 8, Freedom Force, Warlords Battlecry II, Tropico, Rails Accross America, Disciples II, Age of Wonders II, and so many more. Good luck!

I enjoyed NOLF 2, some people complained it was too short but that’s not always a downside. It felt just about right to me.

I’m actually waiting for ‘Harbinger’ to come out, looks pretty good.

Have you played the original NOLF? Might be worth a try, and should be cheap these days. How about Medal of Honor: Allied Assault?

Might be? Might be? Blasphemy! 'tanker, I have half a mind to drive over there right now and whack you with a wet noodle :)

Or is it just, 'tanker, I have half a mind? :)

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I think both are correct. :D

I should have put a more complete thought down, as what I meant was “Go play the original NOLF if you haven’t already.” Some of the game mechanics (like the neverending alarms) might seem odd if the player had already played NOLF2.

Deus Ex, definately.

So, after all the Deus Ex cheering I finally installed that copy my friend lent me.
So much for this evening.

There’s something nice about playing a game after it has fallen behind the technology curve, isn’t there? Plays smooth like silk…