Which Smartphone platform do you own?

Sort of work-related, but also a curiosity… I expect the spread to vary a lot by region.

I’m probably the only person in the US on Symbian, fwiw.

Palm (“other”).

Other? Palm should be so far off the chart it doesn’t even qualify anymore. Talk about a company creating a market and then so completely misjudging it that they have made themselves irrelevant…

That said, I have a Blackberry for work and it is indispensible.

Oops. That was a pretty stupid oversight on my part. Palm should be there :P

Just bought a Nokia N75, which runs Symbian. Any recommendations?

AT&T 8525, WinMo, ftw

Apple could be there, if they’d get off their ass and release the SDK. The homebrew stuff is starting to pick up steam, though.