Which SSD to get?

We have raised a generation of weak, impatient gamers.

Uphill both ways in the snow, punks. Took like 15 minutes to load Sword of Fargoal (16 kilobyte expander required) for the VIC 20.

Get off my lawn.

You didn’t type in your games each time you played? Kids today!! Etc etc.

more like 2.5 generations

And we liked it!

Ah, I (fondly) remember those days! And typing in code listed in a magazine, which really improved my typing!

EDIT: One of us!

That was my time with a TRS-80. I had to code in any “good” games I wanted and then beg for nobody to turn it off.

Acronis Disk Director. Buy it once, save the license info and reuse when you need it. Yes there are free tools as well but your mileage may vary. I’ve upgraded single and boot partitions many, many times. It’s a piece of cake IF you get something to allow you to connect it for the imaging process, like this:


I use the Macrium Reflect free version myself, but I suspect that’s the rigamarole he wants to avoid.

I used to use that and tried a few other free tools before finally growing tired of it and just buying Acronis a few years back. If I was smart I’d take everything into the office on a weekend and just use our tools there.

Personally, I kind of enjoy reinstalling Windows, and I’m still in the habit of doing it every couple of years that I formed back in the '95 era. Edit: but I understand it’s not at all for everyone!

There’s no need to reinstall Windows anymore, but if you get off on it, you’re a weirdo, but OK.

Ah, occasionally reinstalling Windows can still help. It’s not like the old days where your performance would slow to a crawl if you didn’t do it every year or two, but I had to do it last year because I had a Windows Search problem that defied every published solution on the Internet. Reinstalling fixed that. Can also be necessary if you’re changing something that uses a system-level driver, such as stopping using Intel Rapid Storage (the other time I reinstalled in the past few years).

But yeah, no need to do it on a regular basis since Win 10.

I just did, oddly enough. My onboard wifi just . . . disappeared. No driver would bring it back, no scan would detect it. Finally just did the Recovery option and burned Windows back to basics. Runs like a champ now.

That recovery option is why a full reinstall usually isn’t required anymore. It basically installs windows on top of itself, just like the major yearly updates.

FYI, Samsung offering a new low-end model, probably best for data storage.

2TB of Samsung SSD goodness for $270 seems like a good deal to me.

They’re TLC too. Good kit.

If you just want to store data, why not use a standard HDD, where $270 will get you like, 12 TB instead of 2?

Not if you need a 2.5" form factor.

I’m pretty sure you’d still get way more capacity on a 2.5" HDD than SSD. But those are more expensive than the desktop size, yes.

Right, it’s wasteful to use a SSD for data storage unless you’re on a laptop or something where power usage really matters. This is a perfectly fine TLC SSD that can be used for anything.