Which SSD to get?

There are a few maybe up to 5 or 6Tb, but every HDD 2.5" and over 2Tb is also 15mm thick, which often won’t fit in older devices that actually need upgrading. If you need a 2.5"/9mm upgrade, SSD is about it.

It’s cheaper than that isn’t it? I paid $280 last month for a 970 2TB. Though I see it’s gone up since then.

Just last week I’ve ordered a 4TB 860 EVO to replace an old 3TB WD Black HDD which is still working fine and fast, but the noise is finally getting to me.

Another advantage of storing data on an SSD vs a hard drive is it eliminates a device with lots of moving parts. Not that SSDs can’t fail… In the half-dozen-ish SSDs I’ve owned over the years, I did have a 1TB Samsung 840 die after about 2 or 3 years of use.

Having literally just replaced an NVME Samsung SSD because it was failing after less than 3 years, when I’ve had no HDDs at all ever die that fast… yeah. :P

You never had a hard drive die on you that fast? Even years ago? Consider yourself fortunate

Oh, my stories of dead hard drives… My first dead drive, a 20MB (megabyte!) Miniscribe that I think cost like $400… 40MB Seagates with stiction that you had to hit with a screwdriver to unstick… The 1TB Seagates that died (in multiple computers, wasn’t a power supply issue) and then the refurbs they replaced them with died… (5 total drives of that model dead in a 2 year-period; I relegated them to cycling backups.) Been all WD with spinning drives since then.

Nope. I’ve had half a dozen or more die over the years, often losing me terabytes of media because I have so much that it’s impractical for me to back things up (and it’s often replaceable), but I don’t think ever within three or maybe even four years of purchase.

I had the IBM Deathstar’s. Having a glass platter shatter is the worst freaking sound in the world.

Well, the WD Black SN750 showed up in the mail yesterday (ordered directly from WD) and installation was easy, once I figured out that yes, it is supposed to stick out at that angle until you screw it down. Reinstalling Windows was also super quick, and thanks to the fact that I finally got around to getting a semi-decent backup system going a couple months ago, I was up and running in probably under an hour.

The less exciting news is that Civ 6 (don’t judge me) still takes about 30 seconds to get to the menu, and loading a game was actually a bit slower, but that’s probably because I was loading a much later save where there was a lot more to load (so not a real comparison). (Also I have no idea how much of Civ 6 loading time is due to drive reads.)

Thanks everyone for the support!

That little screw is the Devil! I “lost” one in my new PC a couple months ago when I added a second drive. I had to take apart the old system to get a replacement one as the machine must have eaten it. It’s so damn tiny for my fat fingers.

I’ve only had one drive fail on me in 30 years.

The component that has failed for me the most is the PSU.

Some games may not get much faster in their current versions because loading is being limited by factors other than storage interface speed (video texture streaming, for example).

It’s basically the same reason we complain about console hardware limiting top-end performance of PC ports based on fundamental assumptions the developers made around relatively crappy console hardware.


I hope it doesn’t cost $500

There is some hope:

Oh for sure, I know there can be many possible bottlenecks on the road to my game. :) I also was going from a 10-year old SSD to a current-gen SSD (I think), and I don’t really expect much of a change there, because, you know, SSD, and how much am I really going to be able to notice. If I were copying around huge single files, sure, but that’s not what games do.

Side note: firing up Stellaris on a crappy linux laptop is worlds faster than loading it on my Windows desktop, solely because (I think) they use tons of small files and linux is great at opening lots of files while Windows… isn’t.

She did not want to give it up but I got it out eventually with my wicked Pachinko skills.

I would just like to say I am a founding member of the no-apostrophe-for-initialisms-and-acronyms. PCs, not PC’s. Nyah.

I enjoyed your imagery. :)

Although I started watching this to see if DirectStorage was interesting, the sign language person impressed me most.