Which thief game?

OK, I never played more than the demo for Thief One (which was good, but it didn’t get me to buy the game). I now own Thief One and 2, and I’d like to give the series another chance. I’m not usually big on stealth, but this series is so highly regarded I thought I would give it a go. Anyway, should I skip one and just play 2, or is there some reason why I need to play the first one first?

Also, which one has the killer scary level everyone talks about whenever the Vampire haunted mansion is mentioned?

The third one has the scary level (but I thought the Vampire one was scarier while the Thief one was more interesting).

As for which one, I never beat either of them but I enjoyed 2 more that 1. Thief 3 is the only one I’ve played to completion.

Thief 3 I really enjoyed, and it’s the only one I’ve played through to the end as well. I got turned off by the difficulty of Thief 1 and 2.

What turned me off of Thief 1 but made me like Thief 2 (at least if memory serves correctly) was that Thief 2 focused more on non-undead oppoents. For some reason I remember sprinting by a bunch of zombies in the first feeling like the magic (and the focus) of the game was gone.

I would recommend you play Thief 2, if only because it has less zombie/underground dinosaurs (or whatever those things were) and more breaking into buildings and moving across cities. The level design is solid throughout and it has a strong story. All you’d have to do is muscle through the mid game, supernatural missions (I think around level 8-9).

EDIT: Basically, the supernatural elements are there, but they are much more freaky and not overused.

Thief 1 is a much scarier game than Thief 2, so if that’s your bag go for 1. Thief 2 is more “realistic,” and lacks some of the tension of 1. They’re both great, great games, though. Thief 3 is a good game, but the lack of rope climbing is a much bigger deal than the designers apparently thought, at least with me.

Return to the Cathedral from Thief 1 is one of the scariest levels ever made. People like to cite the Cradle from Thief 3 as the scariest of all, but for my money Return is right up there with it.

EDIT: Also, Thief 1 is worth playing for the story. The whole Thief mythos is established in 1. Thief 2 might come across as kind of weird without that background.

I would start with the first one. They are written as trilogy.

Thief one has a pretty good script not to mention a noteworthy plot point that will shock the hell out of you.

Thief 2’s the only one that held my interest straight through to the end. The lack of zombies was indeed a point in its favor; more thievery and less clumsy tomb raiding and cavern diving.

I loved Thief 1, and loved Thief 2 even more. Thief 3 was a real letdown IMO. Make what you will of that. But my recommendation in any case is to start with Thief 1. It sets the tone, establishes the mood and is the one the sequels build on.

Also, Drastic, what the fuck is up with the spoilers? Seriously, the dude has never played the games and you talk about the endings to the first two games, What the hell is wrong with you?

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Rosebud is a sled. But fine.

There are also some monster community projects for Thief 2.

Oh, and while both 1 & 2 behave unexpectedly well for the most part on modern systems, you still might get some issues. This thread on TTLG is most helpful–having a p4 I needed to use the hyperthreading fix, but past that, smooth sailing.

For my money, the plot and pacing of I are better; and if horror is something you enjoy, then it wins there, too. But II has some incredibly good levels, and a much more wide-open feel to it. There are more WTF? moments in II, though.

So yeah, what Muttbunch said.

Since you have both, and since they’re both excellent games, I’d start with I.

Return to the Cathedral from Thief 1 is one of the scariest levels ever made.

I agree.

I like all 3 Thiefs but didn’t actually complete any of them. I don’t really have a strong preference one way or another, though for some reason Thief 2 probably happens to be my least favorite. My favorite levels tend to be the slightly more fantasy-centric stuff, like Bonehoard in Thief 1 and the Sunken Citadel (or whatever it’s called) in Thief 3.

I’m the same way, I really enjoyed them even though I didn’t finish them. Thief 1, I think I bailed early on in the missions because I couldn’t actually get to my target because of unkillable undead, and in 2 I bailed after some missions where everything was super cramped and tight, with a lot of blind corners, resulting in me screwing up far too often.

Ultimately, I’d like to go back and sit down and force myself to play through them. I really really liked the third game.

I played thief 3, and I really didn’t enjoy it, it used the deux ex IW engine, so there are alot of small areas with loading times between them. I got somewhat far up to the scary level which was great but I couldn’t find my way out of there.

I’ve got Thief 3, but never got into it. Is there a way to jump straight to vaunted Cradle level?

Play 2, then if you find yourself obsessing go back and play 1 with the extra level expansion pack thingy.

I just couldn’t get into 3.

Ask E5.