Which to install first, BIOS update or chipset driver update?

Hi there, fellow Qt3 denizens, and Merry Chrisma-Hannu-Kwaanza-stice.

So I went to ASUS’s site for my mobo and saw that not only was there a BIOS update but Intel had put out a chipset driver update for the Z68 chipset, both since last summer. Which should I do first, or does it really matter?

You may ask, why do either? Well, very occasionally (like every couple of months) I get a BSOD and I can never figure out where it’s coming from–the BIOS update claims to improve stability. I don’t know what benefits the chipset driver update is supposed to bring with it.

Anyway, figured I’d pick your brains.

José aka Papageno

I’ve always done the bios update first. I figured that since the motherboard bios is the first thing that fires up, it makes sense.

bios update.

Thanks for the replies, people.

I have an Asus p8z68, I did have the odd BSOD until I updated the firmware about a year ago. None since. I also updated the firmware of my adata ssd at the time.

I’ll have to check and see what version of the BIOS I have installed. I have p8-z68-v-le, and it may well have been over a year ago that I updated the BIOS.

EDIT: Sure enough, I last updated the BIOS over two years ago w/BIOS 3903, which is three versions old. The last one (4102) came out in late May of this year.