Which Total War game is suitable for a series beginner?


These are the ones I currently own. I’ve played Rome in the past (with auto solving battles) so I’d like to skip that one. I’m mostly interested in Shogun 2 and Empire because of their unique settings but I know next to nothing about individual games other than that they have real time battles and some kind of strategy layer on the overworld map.

Any recommendations?

Shogun 2 absolutely.

Yeah, Shogun 2.

Napoleon is basically a smaller Empire. It also has nice set battles that are good for shorter sessions.

Shogun 2 is the only Total War game.

Shogun 2 was my favorite of them all.

I’d also echo the votes for Shogun 2.

How’s the strategy layer in Shogun 2? Is it turn based like in Rome?

All Total Wars are turn-based strategy, with real-time tactics.

You know, I think instead of Shogun you’d be better off starting a smaller campaign in Rome 2 or Attila. Contrary to what you might have read up till now, Rome 2 is actually in a pretty good place atm. Rome 2 campaign “Caesar in Gaul” is pretty good. It ramps up tough fast but starts fairly easy.

Not a huge Shogun fan so take it with a grain of salt. “the Last Samurai” campaign was very good.

Attila had a few good campaign packs as well (“The Last roman” springs to mind).

Lol sry I reread your post. You don’t have Rome 2 or Attilla. Go with Shogun 2. Sry.

They all shout Shogun, ill go to bat for Napoleon. If Empire interests you, then Napoleon takes that general timeframe and mechanics, and makes a good game of it.

There are also multiple campaigns, and standalone battles, which would serve good introduction. The Egyptian campaign is a nice short, focused experience. Good introduction level there.

Shogun is good, but I’m just not as interested in it as others. Napoleon, Medieval 2 for me

Rome 2 - Caesars campaign in Gaul. Its very, very good.

I played Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai and Rome 2 grand campaign last month. And they both are still really good.

However I think we’re missing the woolly mastodon in the room here. In my opinion the Eye of the Vortex campaign from Warhammer 2 has the best new player experience in all Total War games. Of course, you have to be willing to play silly fantasy nonsense rather than CA’s take on historical settings.

Shogun 2 for sure. It’s the first one I ever played.

Of the ones you have, Shogun 2 for sure. Not any of the expansions (Fall or rise of the Samurai) but the base game. Fall of the Samurai is great but it adds too much.

shogun 2 is also the most polished and user friendly of the games you have, which is a big plus if you are new to the series.

Definitely, definitely start with Shogun 2. No sense risking another purchase is you’re not sure you like the formula, IMHO. Shogun 2 is polished and, frankly, just great.

And don’t skip the battles! They’re the meat of the game.

Don’t feel obliged to fight the battles. Auto-resolve them if you want. Play the part of the game you find the most interesting. Normally Total War siege battles are terrible and should always be auto-resolved, but in Shogun 2 they are actually quite good.

Third Age: Total War

I don’t think it matters, they all pretty much play the same way.

Not true. Some of them are broken garbage the AI understands like I understand rocket surgery. Others are Shogun 2.