Which Vacuum Sucks More

I previously used your standard bag-vacuum cleaner, periodically opening and replacing the bag when it was full or too dusty to allow continued good suction. Then, I moved in with my girlfriend who thought my model was too bulky (read: powerful, black, and manly) and decided we needed a sleeker, more colorful one. One that got rid of those “nasty bags”. At first, looking at the box at BestBuy, I was all, “Woah, technology has really come along… no more bag replacing, that sounds great!”, failing to wonder if the vacuum cleaner incinerated its’ contents, shucked them into miniature black holes, or compressed them into super dense dust marbles.

Turns out, all it does is fill up a plastic container that you have to manually empty yourself into a trash bag or maybe release into the wind. Point being, I went from a mildly annoying but sanitary task of replacing a bag, to a digusting task of cracking open a thermos full of skin flakes, fly carcasses and dental floss, banging it into a trash bag, and then having to take the filter and bash it against the curb to dislodge the massive dust wedges breeding into it. The filter, apparently, also needing to be replaced every year.

Am I missing something? How could bagless vacuums possibly be better? Or are men (more likely to do the vacuuming than say, dusting or toilet cleaning) simply destined to endure a less efficient system since possibly most cleaning appliances are decided and bought by women? Or what.

If you’re having to bang it against the curb to dislodge things, you need to be emptying it more frequently or maybe get a bigger vacuum. It shouldn’t get so full that it gets stuck in there.

I like the dyson’s canister. You hold it over the trash can, press a button, the bottom opens up, and all the crap falls out. No touching, no banging, no dust flying everywhere.

They don’t loose suction as quickly as bagged ones. They are easier to clean (depending on the model). You can quickly gauge how full of dust they are and when they need cleaning.

What filter? A good bagless cleaner (i.e. Dyson) doesn’t have any parts that need to be replaced. You empty the dust container into the trashcan, then take it to the bathtub and clean it out with water. That’s even cleaner than a bag vacuum where all the parts around the bag also accumulate dust and dirt over time, but you can’t immerse them in water.

Dyson hands down.
Their build quality has improved immensely over the past few years.

If the filter on our 2 year old one needs replacing it’s not apparent, it still visibly pulls crap out of the carpets and the cylinder is about as simple as you can get to empty, press one button to detach it, pull the trigger and the bottom opens and all the cack falls out.

Unless bag technology has got so much better in the past few years I’ve no idea how anyone could think it a cleaner,simpler solution (plus all the loss of suction as the bag pores clog etc etc).

I feel like such a me-too, but my Dyson is the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used. Our allergies have noticeably improved since buying one. Yes, there is a filter, but you just give it a rinse at the end of the day and let it air dry. If things start to get dirty, it comes almost completely apart for easy bathtub cleaning.

I do have one complaint, and that’s the fact that no one has come up with an improvement in brush design. I have yet to encounter a vacuum that didn’t get anything longer than an inch tangled in its brushes.

Miele, bitches.

[&wcw=google&gclid=CJj2l9_fzpUCFRKLxwodaFc1iQ"]Best vacuum I have ever owned.](http://www.bestvacuum.com/miele.html?source=goog&kw=[miele)