Which version of Soul Calibur II to get?

Really on the fence on this one. Can I see a show of hands on which flavor you guys are going to get?

Will you really be able to take advantage of the 720p?

Xbox. Link is a cool hidden character and all but the graphics on the Xbox version seem better. Also, the GC controller isn’t bad, it just doesn’t seem suited for a fighting game. I’ve got all three of the systems mentioned and I’ll be grabbing the Xbox version, so be like me!

I’ve got a PS2 and an Xbox. Between the two, the majority of the console crowd seems to think the Dual Shock is the best controller ever but I just never got used to it. I’ve had the Xbox for longer, so unless the reviews say I really need those extra shoulder buttons, my controller preference is Xbox. I imagine slightly sharper graphics and the faster load times for the Xbox, so that’s nice, though load times alone wouldn’t sway my decision either way. I don’t care about Spawn or the Tekken fellow, so that’s a toss-up. Xbox it is for me then.

There’s no more “jaggies” in the PS2 version (it uses a full frame buffer)than there is in the GC version, and the load times are identical. Both support 480p progressive scan. It’s just a case of which character you prefer: Link or Heihachi.

Duh! Xbox. Dolby Digital 5.1 = best sound. Hard drive + 64mb = fastest load times. And usually the graphics are significantly better, but it depends on the game. If it’s a straight 100% lowest common denominator PS2 port, then graphics are a wash.

What a choice, do you get the version with the cartoony elf boy or the one with demented old gramps (I still remember his diaper outfit from Tekken 4).

If it was up to me, meh, neither of them seem to fit in. Link probably, since he’s got a sword. On the other hand, I can’t imagine the GC controller being suited to fighting games while the PS2 controller kicks ass.

What I really hate is that the European release date is in August. :x

That’s when it’s released in North America. I thought European gamers would be glad to get a title the same time as NA as you guys usually get screwed with later releases and slightly higher prices.

Sorry, somehow I got the impression that it was already out in America. I imagine it’s because of people playing imported Japanese versions.

Now I’m a bit happier, but I still have to wait until August. Crap.

Cube, duh. Spawn has no cape, someone explain that shit. That’s like having Batman without the bat. Plus, Link is one of the greatest character in the history of games played on electronic devices connected in some fashion to a piece of display equipment. Higher resolution is a pretty lame reason to choose one version over another, I’d much rather have the cool character.

Who’s played the import? I keep hearing that the Gamecube controller is pretty good for this game, which is kind of surprising. I hope it is, because it’s so much easier to just pass Wavebirds around when there are five or six people switching off.

Xbox version for me and an arcade stick is a must to enjoy SC properly.

I’ll buy GC first and get the PS2 one later at Greatest Hits prices. I love Heihachi. Despite the diaper in Tekken 4, he’s one bad ass muthafucka! He killed his own son fer chrissake! Tossed his body in a volcano, even!

If anyone can fight a buncha guys with swords with his bare hands, it’s him. ;)


Link is one of the greatest characters in the history of games played on electronic devices connected in some fashion to a piece of display equipment

You misspelled “gayest”.

Gamecube version for me. Spawn is like videogame poison.

Gamecube controller sucks for it, although if it’s wireless you’re after, it still beats my Logitech PS2 wireless controller. A lot of moves require pressing the B button in conjunction with the X button, and it just isn’t convenient with the Gamecube/Wavebird controller. Plus, the tiny D-pad is an atrocity for fighting games, period. My GC SC2 is just there to tide me and my peeps over until the all-too-delayed US PS2 release.

I’ll don’t have a modded PS2, or I would’ve picked up SC2 for it since I have an arcade stick for it and that’s the way God intended all fighting games to be played.

The d-pad sucks, we use the analog stick now. Didn’t you get the memo? It came with Soul Calibur for the DC.

Analog stick is way too imprecise for competitive play. For framing double taps and Cassie’s quarter-circle motions, it’s too damn slow and unreliable.

You misspelled “Hey, I just realized I wasted my money on an XBox.”

Remember when McFarlane made cool stuff?

It almost seems like it happened in alternate reality…

I must have missed that… ;)