Which version of Soul Calibur II to get?

I’m told the load times are almost non-existant on all three versions.

As much as I’d rather play link, there’s no way in hell I’m using that d-pad on the gamecube to play a fighting game. Spawn is “okay” I guess as a bonus character, but I’m there for Mitsurugi so I don’t really care that much. He’s better than Heihatchi (who?) from Tekken (which I don’t really like much).

With the Controller S, I think I’ll be able to play better than on even the PS2 controller. I never did like those sort of seperated D-pad buttons for fighting games.

Plus, I do have HDTV now, so 720p will be a nice bonus.

I wonder if we’ll hear about any of the US versions features at E3? I’ve heard that they’re continuing to tweak and add stuff, so there might be a few more weapons, an extra character or two, and maybe some more unlockables in the US release.

I can’t believe you just said Spawn beats out Heihachi. What the hell?! :x :P :)


I honestly don’t know which version I plan to buy. It’s giving me a headache.

I was planning on just picking up the Cube version for Link and Wavebird support; but now Erickson tells us that Link is broken, and the cube controller doesn’t function well for proper play(though I myself have read it functions just fine from other outside impressions).

I’m all over 720p and 5.1 DD support for Xbox, but Spawn may be just as unbalanced as Link seemingly appears; and between the two, I have a fonder emotional connection with Nintendo’s icon than Mcfarlane’s. (Did Namco see fit to include a special arranged Zelda theme for the fisticuff action on GC?)

I’m leaning towards the Xbox version, simply for aesthetic upgrades, but these exclusive extras are starting to piss this multi-console owner off. I’m hungry…

I recall reading that there is a remixed Zelda theme in there.


Xbox Live support would have made this decision all too simple… :(

Apparently the Logitech Xbox wireless controller is pretty good.

I vote for Burnout 2.

Gamecube. Link plays exceptionally well, and fits perfectly in with the rest of the roster. The only character who really feels out of place is actually Necrid, as has been mentioned by several other folks out there. I’m curious about how Spawn plays, but without the cape, the Xbox version does not get my money. Even if the PS2 version’s character wasn’t laughably lame, it still wouldn’t have a shot due to the crap graphics.

So yeah, Gamecube. And the Wavebird makes multiplayer in groups so damn convenient. All the systems of the next generation should have wireless controllers as standard equipment.


I can’t say how he plays, but the video of Link in action looks totally out of place to me. Different visual style, different proportions to his body, different color palate. Ugh, too much style clash. I haven’t seen any Spawn gameplay, but I’m expecting the same problem with him in a “Junior High doodle” kind of way.

On the other hand, the GC is the most likely of the consoles I will purchase, so I’ll eventually end up with the Cube version.


You misspelled “Hey, I just realized I wasted my money on an XBox.”[/quote]

You’re not a fanboy, you just stand up for truth and justice right?

Burnout 2 rules. Even better than ‘Need for Speed 5: Hot pursuit 2’ I thought.

I’m not voting since I don’t like this type of fighting game. I want to be able to run around like crazy and not just ‘shuffle-step’ menacingly up to my opponent before he hits me straight up into the air with one lazy wrist flick.
My 2D fighting game love stops at ‘Marvel Vs’. Those games are great.

Mmm, “Link is gay” jokes. What HILARIOUS, ground-breaking comedic territory.

You’re gay.

It’s always a crowd pleaser among the Xbots like wumpus.


Where’s my Dreamcast version, dammit! :P

  • Alan

Even if the PS2 version’s character wasn’t laughably lame, it still wouldn’t have a shot due to the crap graphics.

The PS2’s visuals are identical to the Gamecube’s in SC2 - they both render to a full frame buffer, and both support 480p. For “jaggies”, they’re identical. Only the Xbox has any visual advantage, with the 720p mode.

I’m holding out for the Nintendo version. Gameboy Advance, that is.

Congradulations, wumpus, you’ve just entered into elementary school l33t k1dd13 “humor” territoy. It’s a new low, even for you.

Yah, well, don’t be surprised when it’s annoucned. I swear, everything is being ported to that damn little thing now a days.

If I get this game, I’ll probably get it for my PS2. I don’t wanna deal with the GC controller, and I don’t have an Xbox.

Transexual, actually. He’s sporting a mean camel toe, just bulging out his tights in several of the GC screenshots…although I don’t remember where I saw those shots.

I’d love to play SC2 on my GC, but I’d rather use the PS2 controller. Wavebird just isn’t made for straight up fighters, what with its crazy face button placement and dinky d-pad.