Which version of Soul Calibur II to get?

It’s a new low, even for you.

It’s anti-humor. Don’t blame me if you’re not smart enough to “get it.” If it helps, try to imagine me using the ironic finger gesture when I say that.

Also, there are two esses in transsexual.


The problem is rumble. And I know a lot of people are willing to give it up, but I for one am not. In games where they really put some effort into doing the right rumble effects and not just vibrating the hell out of the pad at every opportunity, it adds so much to the game it’s unbelievable.

Halo on the PC is going to be all good and stuff, but I’ll honestly miss the “feel” of a plasma rifle when it fires, y’know? Wind Waker has killer rumble effects, too.

Now if they could just do a COMBO pad! Like the Xbox wireless controller, only with the breakaway up by the controller side of the cord, and when you unplug it it goes wireless. With a rechargable battery that charges when you plug it in. When it’s in wireless mode, there’s no rumble effects.

That would kick ass.

I would accept that criticism from anyone else (and, in fact, did so recently on this board; I always miss this kinda stuff), but I won’t…'cause you’re gay.

So, yeah, take that.

Also, there are two esses in transsexual.

Yes, yes there are.

It might be pretty easy if the controller always sent wireless signals, using the cord for power supply only. Unplug the cord, and the controller switches to battery power and play continues without a hitch. This way, you could keep rumble on if you wanted to because you could plug/unplug the power cord at will. A little red light or onscreen notice would indicate low battery life. Controller batteries could recharge even when the system is off…

I’m off to the patent office! (Sally, reschedule all my meetings…)

I think that an even bigger problem with rumble on the wireless controllers is that you need to have a transceiver and a receiver on each end. Since the wireless tech is the most expensive part you have a good chance of running up the cost. Not to mention that it’s now got to be heaver and will probably run through batteries more quickly (although like you said it should be rechargeable).

The weight is a real problem, though. The Wavebird is perfect as is, so I guess we have to wait until they can add a receiver and rumble without making it any heavier, all at a decent price.

Then again, I hate rumble, so whatever.

The Logitech wireless pad rumbles (powerfully), and it goes for about 30 hours.

It also takes 4 AAs, weighs a fair bit more than a Wavebird, costs 60 bucks, and has the worst D-pad ever (worse than the GC/Wavebird controller).

Man, the tradeoffs.

but I’ll honestly miss the “feel” of a plasma rifle when it fires, y’know? Wind Waker has killer rumble effects, too.

Then use a Logitech iFeel rumble mouse. There’s a decent amount of support for the technology.

Why is it that people that people think that Heihachi is wearing a diaper or is it just a joke? I always thought that those drum guys were pretty impressive when I see 'em in parades…


It’s a cultural association thing. I’m faintly aware that Heihachi’s outfit is some kind of Japanese clothing, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was “Holy crap, he’s wearing a gigantic diaper!”.

Yeah, Kalle is right on. For most of the game playing public in the US, they probably see a diaper, not a part of Japanese culture. It just looks “odd” to western audiences. For me, I say it in jest, but I probably shouldn’t. :?