Which window/ultrawide productivity app do you recommend?

I can’t find anything recent on here. It seems that for Windows 10, DisplayFusion or AquaSnap are good bets. Does anyone have any experience with either? I’m using a 34-inch UW and my laptop on the side. Primarily, I’d like to run a 2 window area on the UW, with 3 when working on website things. Windows’ built-in functionality seems a bit underwhelming.


I use DisplayFusion with my three monitors and it’s a wonderful program.

I used to use DF with my triple monitor setup, now I use it for my 43" 4k. I’ll second it as a wonderful program. Soooooo many options.

Thanks, @BrianRubin and @sharaleo. It’s $10.84 on Steam right now, so I’m sold at that price.

Yeah, that’s a bargain fer sure.

DF is especially useful for ultra wide as it can split your screen into multiple virtual monitors. On top of that, there’s a padding function such that it squared off a corner of that virtual monitor so when you maximize your window, that area are not covered by the window. Useful for Rainmeter widgets, for example.

Holy hell that’s a steal. I hope you come to love it as much as I do.

@habibi, I am using 3 virtual monitors and one “external” right now, and it’s PERFECT! My setup is 960/1332/1148/1920.

I can keep my active-edit tasks snapped to the main (center/1332) of the 34" display, while my quick-reference files—and right now, typing this—are on the smaller virtual monitor to the left, my active files are to the right, and all non-related tasks are over on the 1920.

Absolutely loving this! Thanks again, @sharaleo and @BrianRubin!


Combine DF with Windows multi desktop and I have all the work stuff in one side and then do a Ctrl-Windows-Right Arrow to switch the screen to the “play” screens.

Thanks for the DisplayFusion recommendation guys. Picked it up for cheap on Steam and am really liking it.

Does the Steam version need Steam to be running in order to run? Or can it run independently of Steam?

@Woolen_Horde I do not have Steam running ATM, and DF is still running just fine. I went and modified some settings and they also applied without Steam being open or running in the background.

Looks like PowerToys 0.43 released a few week ago, had to manually update though.

DisplayFusion, AquaSnap (I prefer its snapping to DF’s so I disable the DF functionality with this), TidyTabs and the PowerToys should cover most things you want to do.

Thanks for linking PowerToys - it more than meets my requirements at the right price ($0).

An update only came out 2 days ago.


They re-updated the most recent update!

Wow AquaSnap and TidyTabs look GREAT. TOTALLY gonna get those and turn off the snapping in DisplayFusion. Thank you!