While I'm at it: Telltale's mystery game

What is up with all these company’s flaunting secret games AFTER E3? oh well…

“Finally, Bruner revealed that the company has a secret project in the works, but he wouldn’t give so much as a hint towards its identity”

We have less details about this than either Double Fine or Irrational.

So, how about wild speculation???.. I head that Vivendi was shopping some the their Sierra Adventure IP around again after taking Larry away from High Voltage. I haven’t heard if any deals were made but I would like to fantasize Space Quest landing at Telltale. Ooooorrr… Since Sam & Max’s Steve Purcell works at Pixar, maybe some sort of relationship was formed there and Telltale will be making a game based on one of their films.

My honest guess is Telltale might actually got enough capital to make their own ip.

I haven’t tried either Bone game yet, but weren’t they kind of bad? They didn’t get great reviews, IIRC.

They weren’t bad. Pretty average over all. The graphics are pretty good, interface is a solid 3d version of the classic point and click. Writing was really good. The big problem is the game is short. If you rush through the dialog and easily solve the puzzles; each episode will take you 2 hours or less. For most people, the game is shorter than expected even when you consider the price. Also there weren’t a lot of extra activities to do. If an object wasn’t important to further the game, the player couldn’t do anything with it. When presented with an inventory puzzle, there was only one clear choice. In other adventure games, most items have a failed attempt result. It made the episodes shorter and the game world empty.