while True: learn()


Hey, has anyone tried this since it came out last week?

I’m assuming it’s one of those fakey fakey programmer games where you just type fakey programs to solve even fakier puzzles, but this one has the two things that I love more than anything else: 1. programming and 2. cats. So I thought I would maybe try it unless someone here posts that it is terrible. I guess I would buy a Zachtronics game if they made one about cats.


I missed that one. I would be interested in a report.


These statements are incongruous.

Normally programming games like Zachtronics are, uh, catnip to me. But scuttlebutt is that this one is repetitive and more an optimization problem than a programming one.

Of recent programming games, 7 Billion Humans is pretty good:


I generally avoid games that feel like work too much.


That was the joke!

Thanks for the 7BH rec.



No worries. It shares an aesthetic with Human Resource Machine, but is a much better game.


Thanks for this.


But are there cats?


If they can get 7 billion humans in there, surely they can include a couple of cats.

I hate programming games because I suck at them. But what little I tried of 7 Billion Humans made me think it’s a programming game I might be able to play and not hate.



Just beware: unlike Human Resource Machine, which is not very challenging at any point, 7BH gets quite difficult in the later stages. I like this feature of it, but ymmv. It also has more creative puzzles, and is more unique and elegant than HRC. (Though its gameplay is very broadly similar to Exapunks in the sense that you have multiple agents executing the same code simultaneously.)


Sorry for being so emotional, but… I’ve never seen a thing combining cats and code before. Plus it has puzzles.
Has the author guessed my biggest dream?


Maybe your cat made it for you?


No, Sherlock.
Unfortunately I don’t have a cat(


Sorry, just tried to make a (bad) in-context joke :-)


Why are you asking for forgiveness?
The joke is good, don’t worry.
And I didn’t want to be rude, so no offense.
BTW, how’s your nickname connected to gluten?


Ah, no worries. I wasn’t sure how it came across. :)

My handle is from a Tom Waits joke:

I was into researching the effects of gluten at the time of registering, so it’s kind of random :)
(tl;dr: gluten is not good for your intestines, but no need to be crazy about it)