Whiskey, you're the devil, you're leadin' me astray

Over hills and mountains and to America :)

A gracious demo for Devil Whiskey, complete with manual and polish, is out. There’s a bittorrent link and a second mirror, right now I recommend the second mirror as that was the fastest for me. It seems the main link is very slow though.

To recap, Devil Whiskey is the Bard’s Tale successor this guy is working on, scheduled to be released on October 31st. Since it requires all sorts of 3D hardware hoo-ha to run correctly, I didn’t get very far past a slide show intro that I’m sure is smooth for people who’ve collected enough hoo-ha karma and into a nicely rendered opening in an inn, oldschool style, trying to hire heroes. There, despite the fact that I’d increased my laptop to 1024 by 800, to accompany the game’s mininum resolution and put all the values on as low as possible and tried to run in a window, the game would not play on my computer, despite now having enough RAM and adequate processor.

While I think its goofy and ridiculous to require all sorts of advanced power and chippery to run what is essentially a high-resolution 2D game that no looks no better than Wizardry: Empire on the frickin’ PlayStation, it looked like from my limited view, that it really had the goods. Music was especially excellent and very high quality. Cobwebs and parchments and rune-like metals adorn a lovingly crafted interface, though it seems most is controlled by keyboard like old RPGs and Bard’s Tale, there does appear to be some mouse interaction, but my mouse cursor wouldn’t show up. You start out at an inn and have to create a party, just like what people call the old days. Atlantis and Sumeria somehow seem to be mentioned. I wonder if you can fight four sets of 99 Hobgoblins? There were some more original races, as a hobbit-like Bergen was amongst one of the choices and some interesting looking classes that look to be limited to race. Character art is even a bit more classy than you can expect for this type of style, with characters that don’t look so much like your constipated next-door neighbor dressed up for the renaissance faire.

That’s about all I can tell you from what I was able to see. So Devil Whiskey goes in the promising “Someday” category for me when I buy a new computer that has OpenGL stuff and games like KOTOR, Gothic 2, Anachronox, Arx Fatalis, Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights will work on it. Until then, here’s hoping Greyhawk works on my computer…

Download, install and enjoy the oldschool goodness, and by all means, post your thoughts so I can selfishly live vicariously through you! :P


Crap! Scooped by someone on the opposite side of the planet…[size=2]friggin’ foreigners.[/size]

I was waiting for this demo all weekend. It was supposed to be out sometime yesterday and Stomps feet I wanted to be the one to tell everyone about it.

So someone hop to it and check it out. Alas, I am at work and cannot.



It WAS released yesterday, bud, OUR yesterday! Its Tuesday over here! Can’t compete with a guy who posts echoing voice FROM THE FUTURE!

Yeah, I kind of woke up in the middle of the night (well, its still a couple hours until the rising sun) and after twenty works of trying to get back to sleep, decided to stay awake and try this demo, so I’m sure if you had similar sleep problems, you’d have scooped me. :)

Though now Incendiary Lemon has posted something about a Greyhawk demo, my bad news with Whiskey has turned to good news with Elemental Evil. This way, I won’t have to import it, get past my parents and THEN see if it works on my computer! 8)

I think you should just download this at work, Ty and roleplay out loud. “By the grace of Goddess Theria, this Gnome Archer has ever efficient dexterity ratings, thou shalt surely be my second choice!”

This reminds me, I never did send you that Geneforge review for Levitateme, did I? Do you still want it? That would be something to do…


It was probably me who did not get back to you. Lemme me check and see if we got you a login and I will PM you. Thx again.

It WAS released yesterday, bud, OUR yesterday! Its Tuesday over here! Can’t compete with a guy who posts echoing voice FROM THE FUTURE!

Now you are just confusing me on purpose because you know we Americans are not too good at doing the math required to figure out what time it is over there and how today for you is tomorrow for me.

Well, I gave the demo a brief play–

Plays fine on my 1.4 ghz system with a GeForce 2 card. Graphics aren’t too bad, but it’s definitely old-school, even down to the KEYBOARD ONLY interface. WTF? Also, the writing is awful, which is a major turn-off for me with this type of game.

Keyboard only interface? Damn, the original Bard’s Tale for the Apple IIGS had mouse support for movement, at the very least. You’d think they could be creative enough to allow click-select on party members.

Some first impressions:

Keybord only interface, kind of annoying, but OK wants you figure it out.

Combat against groups of enemies. Enemies aren’t on the world map, it’s MM I and II style, you get an encounter screen.

The manual is totally uninformative, which I found really annoying. Should my character use a long sword, broad sword, or mace? There is no way to figure out which is better.

There is no main character, you play a cause, not a party. You can swap characters at any time, leaving a pool of characters in the adventurer’s hall, and using the ones you want. This is also like the early Might and Magic games.

Impossible mode is really hard. Really really hard. Usually impossible mode is just challenging, but in this game it means you can’t rest ever, since you can’t rest in the hall and outside you get attacked constantly. I’m going to try it again on hard, I think.

The graphics suck. The intro sequence is almost unbearably pretentious. Character creation is made confusing by the lack of race modifier tables in the manual or in the interface.

I’ll give it another try on an easier setting, but I don’t think this one is going to be a triumph.

Sounds like a game for the Bard’s Tale aficianado rather than an upgrade and improvement. It’s hart to go back to the old school trappings when we have been spoiled by all the advances RPGs have made since the original BT came out.

I can get into “quaint and nostalgic” if I am installing an old fave off the shelf, but I don’t know about shelling out 2003 cash for a decades old game.

I played around with it a little…but I quit to look over the manual some. The keyboard only thing sucks. Its so inefficient and annoying.


But is it in the jar-o?

I wonder if you can fight four sets of 99 Hobgoblins?

Those were Bezerkers… now where’s my horn of flame?

Sounds like a game for the Bard’s Tale aficianado rather than an upgrade and improvement.

Looked like it here as well. The system specs are from freaking Mars, and while I’m happy to play stuff like Geneforge, I just dozed off at ‘You are attacked by 4 random townspeople’. Where’s this supposed to be? Coventry?


What more do you need?

Heh. I remember Dragon Wars… for a while I had memorized the pattern to get every character in your party two skill points with absolutely no effort. You could simply flee from any randon encounters you might run into.

Too bad I haven’t played the game in several years and have forgotten. It’s something like: start a new game, go so many spaces north, so many west, go down an alley to some stairs, go to the underworld, go so far forward, turn left, go until you find the chasm, walk across the spot in the chasm that has no railing, get your two skill points, save, start a new game, repeat. Each walkthrough takes about two minutes.

Easiest RPG ever.

Ah, yes. MIBL = Mangor’s Mind Blade…