White God ... Hungarian movie about a girl and her dog

Rented this new release last night based on a 93% review. Being a bit out of the advertising loop, I hadn’t heard of any of the big name releases so we had to go by ratings. Boy this this movie deserves it.

It’s Hungarian but the only dialog is from the humans. No dog voicevers with famous celebrities or any of that nonsense. Instead it just shows part of the movie from the dog’s perspective. It was like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s funny, absolutely heartbreaking at points (and I mean full on Schindler’s List crying, may Michael Vick see this movie and weep), goofy as hell and goes down a horror movie path at one point. I saw the ending coming only because after the opening shot, I thought “If the writer/director ends it this way it will be a best ending possible”, and lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. Such a touching and absolutely beautiful ending. Along with the message in the beginning telling you about the real dogs in the movie, if you are an animal lover you have to see this movie. It’s beautifully shot too. Two thumbs up.

Seriously, Hagen deserves some kind of acting award.