White Gold: the horror, the horror…

Title White Gold: the horror, the horror...
Author Sapper Gopher
Posted in Game diaries
When January 7, 2013

There have been a few recent shooters that are supposed to put the main character through some kind of psychological terror..

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You've made me seriously want to play this game.

This series is one of the most fantastic things I've read on this blog. I'm sad to see it end.

"I give up on trying to exterminate the brutes and just bunnyhop to the end of the island".

If only more conflicts would be resolved in like manner. The world would be a more peaceful, more ridiculous place.

Somehow, I suspect the joys of this game come from Sapper Gopher's delivery rather than the game itself. Call it a hunch.

Yes, I think you're right, Mercanis. Still, a train wreck can be fun to watch for a moment of two!