I just built my first Whitewing and am currently waiting for the glue to dry. Anyone else here love flying shit?

Monkeys, if Futurama has taught me anything.

People build all those birds I have so much fun killing and eating every September?

You mean the little balsa glider right? I made a few of those waaaaay back in the day. It started after a science class where we built one for a class project, competing for length of flight. I made a few more later on and had some fun with it.

However this is nothing compared to a good friend who built a 1/4 scale RC plane. He had several smaller RC planes and decided to go all out. To understand the size of these things you have to see a pic. I don’t have a pic of his, but this is about the same size:

HUGE. You definitely did not want to be near the prop on that bad boy. I only wish i still had some of the pics i took of it. A few years later he had crashed it pretty bad but was rebuilding. I haven’t kept in touch with the guy but I’m assuming he’s still very into it. That’s taking the plane building to a whole new level.