Whither Dragon Age?

Well, it’s going to take more than hand waving to convince me of that. Actions speak louder than words and all that. NWN was extremely cool and I wasted (enjoyed?) far too much time with it. Dragon Age had better get a move on. The only other game on the map that will make me upgrade my PC is Supreme Commander.

I honestly thought NWN was a step backward for Bioware. I enjoyed it a bit (the fan mods, mainly), but I hated the single-character mixed with D&D aspect. Blech. And the textures/maps/graphics in general were a step down in my view, probably for the DM client. I understand that. But back to roots, for me, would mean a return to the BG2 glory, which is what I am hoping for with this one.

I loved KoTOR so I have enjoyed more recent bioware fare, but BG2 is still the gold standard overall IMO.

Yeah, it’s still my favourite BioWare game by a wide margin.

Are we talking about the same type of PC gamers who are like RPG Codex or went into conniption fits when Starcraft: Ghost was announced for consoles? If so, then they’re not worth placating. :P


Same, BG2 all the way. KOTOR was a nice surprise though, I was not expecting much after NWN.

RPG Codex is a ridiculous place and nothing with the Bioware name would ever be looked upon favorably there. I am stunned when I see RPG devs doing interviews with them. Its a sad state of affairs when that shithole is thought of as the PC RPG fanbase/community/whatever.


It’s not the PC RPG fanbase. It’s a very small portion that likes a very specific type of game. (Planescape: Torment is about the only one they really like)

I like working with them – obviously, since my days at BW, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with RPG Codex – but I don’t think they’re anywhere close to the full representation of the RPG space… and any PR rep who thinks that way doesn’t know much about RPGs. The “PC gamers” referenced earlier in the thread were – in the case of the Dragon Age announcement – BioWare’s primary target group… people who bought BG2 and/or NWN and were primarily concerned with traditional PC RPGs.

whimsical sigh. Keep preaching, and I’ll keep singing.

I’m proud of you, Tom. I’ve had a hate-hate relationship with RPGKotex forever. Sim nuts they call rivet-counters. RPGCodex are the RPG equivalent, but a suitable spinoff term escapes me.

Raving, lonely virgins?

I suppose I should make it clear that I’m not at BioWare anymore.

Not inapplicable, but not specific enough.

Dwarf measurers?

Shit, dude, you think I can remember a column from two years ago? I’m lucky if I can still remember a conversation I had an hour ago!

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Shouldn’t your nickname be “mobongbrah”?

Oh sure, come up with the clever nicknames for random posters, but what about my problem?

How’s this: THACOphants?

Good. But, it is esoteric. To use it would suggest one already knows too much.



I liked mine. =(

It did have a certain double-entendre-able dick-joke cachet that you might have thought would appeal to Bill’s intellectual side.

I like RULES LAWYERING NO SAVING THROW GIVING ZIT MILKING FUCKING BABIES, but that’s because of a very negative experience from my past.