Whitta on Canada

I’ve been up here in Vancouver for a little while now; here are some of my thoughts so far.

  • KFC delivers. At McDonald’s you can get a Double Big Mac. That is awesome. I hereby propose that Canada be renamed America Plus.

  • Oh wait. You can’t buy beer at 7/11. This cancels out the awesomeness above.

  • I was interested to discover that (apparently) Canada has the only paper money in the world that’s raised for the blind.

  • What’s with the white vinegar packets at McDonald’s? Are you supposed to put that on your fries, or something?

  • Every time I sit down in a restaurant or a bar, somebody brings me a newspaper and asks me if I would like to read it. I like this.

  • I haven’t seen Rolos since I left the UK, so it’s a nice treat to see them thriving here.

  • Wow, you REALLY like hockey, don’t you?

As you can see, it’s been a visit rich in cultural discovery so far.

Are these the little caramel chocolate candies? Because I see them all over the place here in LA. WHY DOES SAN FRANCISCO HATE ROLLOS.


Hell yeah, KFC delivers up here. Too bad the delivery charge is like ten bucks.

The purpose of the white vinegar packets is so you have something to fill up any empty containers you have lying around your house.

edit: Not only Rolos, but also a bunch of other British candy you can’t get in the States. Unfortunately, it’s all produced under license by Hershey’s, so the chocolate is utter shit

When I visited Toronto a few years back, the weirdest thing I noticed was the big french fry stand at the movie theater – fries seem to be the movie food. With gravy. Ketchup on fries is weird.

I thought you were from England, how can you not know what to do with vinegar?

Okay, I’ll bite. I’m not from Canada or England, what the fuck do you do with the vinegar? Do they serve fish ‘n’ chips at McDonalds now or something?

Ketchup on fries is fine, but gravy is definitely better. I thought you could only get that in Texas. Vinegar, on the other hand: what in Hell is wrong with you people? That goes against God.

Vinegar on fries is like vinegar on potato chips: an acquired taste that I’m not going to acquire.

Have you figured out what to do with the three shells?

white vinegar? because malt vinegar gets put on chips (fries) but white vinegar is for making salad dressing or something.

And as for the sauce on chips debate:
curry sauce > mayonnaise > gravy > ketchup > malt vinegar

It’s because I’m from England that I know the difference between white vinegar and malt vinegar.

In England, malt vinegar is a common condiment for french fries. In Canada, white vinegar is used for same.

You’ve been looking in the wrong candy aisles, sir. Rolos are all over the place.

The white vinegar is supposed to work in tandem with the salt to add that little extra burst of flavour (and its really healthy too!).

Also, where are you getting newspapers handed to you? Man, I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and not once has someone offered me the paper.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the rolos.

Not only Rolos, but also a bunch of other British candy you can’t get in the States. Unfortunately, it’s all produced under license by Hershey’s, so the chocolate is utter shit

There’s a store in the UK that imports sweets (candy) from the US, Aus and Canada and they seem to have cadbury branded stuff from Canada, but it might be Aus. Dont have the link here but looking for suggestions from all the above as to what might be worth looking at, or even tasting. they do seem to have what essentially seems to be spreadable marshmallow from the US that has me interested at the moment, no idea what its called, but it comes in pink and not quite as pink flavours.

They also do 24 packs of cans of US pop (soda), is paying through the nose for a case of mountain dew, just to see what the fuss is about, worth the expense?

Oh and if you see it, UK Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut is the business.

Malt vinegar on chips ffs. Mayonnaise on Fries (got to get some flavour there somewhere).

Poutine. The Ultimate Canadian Frys

Poutine (pronounced, roughly, poo-tin, or peuh-tsin; exact Quebecer pronunciation is IPA [pʊʦɪn] — listen to it in .wav format) is a popular snack consisting of french fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with hot gravy.

Sold. Cheesy Chips, if you can get decent cheddar (ie it should taste of something) is well worth having.

Fries with gravy? That’s definitely tampering with darksided stuff. I CAST YOU OUT!