Whittalinks 2005: The Horror Continues

Not Safe For Work, as if you need ask…


I haven’t seen a WhittaLink for so long. WOOHOO!

Also - that’s an ass load of blood!

No doubt. It looked like a bunch of jello exploded in his car.

Fuck you for posting that link, Whitta, and fuck me for being stupid enough to click it…

It all made sense once I realized that half the deer had ended up in front of the car and half of it had ended up behind, after going through the long way.

Imagine being in the drivers seat during that. Jesus.

godamnit Whitta! That wasn’t pron!

He must be moving into animal snuff video.

He must be moving into animal snuff video.[/quote]
Yeah Sharp, speak for yourself.

From the splatter pattern, it’s obvious that the driver ducked before the shit hit the fan. I’m sure he/she needed a shower, though.

I’m guessing the driver spent a couple hours in the shower after that. Most likely curled up in the fetal position.

They didn’t have a shot of the splatter pattern I’d like to see (in a gross-me-out sense). The brown one on the driver’s seat.