Who cares about Forza Horizon 2?

Title Who cares about Forza Horizon 2?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When October 10, 2014

Like all Forza games, Forza Horizon 2 has a dynamically color-coded line that tells you where to drive and when to brake. If I turn the line off, I'm at a major disadvantage to everyone else playing Horizon 2, some of whom I'm asked to compete against after every race..

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Dude just stop, you're screwing over devs with these shitty reviews. You really think Horizon 2 deserves a 1/5? A FUCKING ONE? -__- And you wonder why this site is a joke in the gaming community.

Thanks for the excellent review.

If this site is a joke in the gaming community that's because the gaming community has not yet learned how to handle opinions other than their own. "Objective" reviews are worthless, it's all opinion in the end so write the opinion you actually have, not the opinion the world wants you to have.

IGN rated this comment a 7.0. Not too shabby.

Just wanted to drop in and show my appreciation for the Starman reference.

You are so passionate. Why do you care so much about a review? He doesn't like the game.

what the actual f*ck is your problem?
it's not about different opinions anymore,he's been screwing around with many games.

i'm just sorry for you,attention whore.....

"Opinions"?! is this a joke?
tom chick has done this many many times,he's making fun of devs who worked hard to create their games,and for what? attention,everyone knows this by now,when over 60 critics give a game +8/10 marks and then he gives the same game a 2/10(lowest mark possible in this site)
and you're talking about opinions and handling them?

why you do this to us? :((
why? why?

Done what? Upset manchildren who can't handle differing opinions?

Oh dear.

Did you read the text? He outlines his feelings towards the game pretty well. He doesn't like it at all, so he gave it a score that reflects that. It's not making fun of the developers, it's criticism of the game. You know, the thing critics do.

I repeat, he's screwing over devs with these review scores. Do you believe that this or Halo 4 warrant a 1/5? Whether you like the game or not, those games aren't broken and are polished. Metacritic can make a difference if a dev is getting a bonus check or not, it's also not really helping the public much when the review scale is so radical. If these reviews weren't on metacritic I wouldn't give a fuck but this is not cool to devs.

More people care about forza than this shitty site lmaoo a retard knows better than whoever wrote this crap. Enjoy driveclub you terrible stupid reviewer.

You're a goose

is this a joke?

The biggest nobodies are failed journalists who write poor misinformed reviews to gain attention. No matter how much you try to be a hater,the game is universally loved. You lose Tom Chick.

Look at the pathetic xbots. Caring so much about metacritic scores! your pathetic.
His opinion and he is entitled to it no problem with this review. for me the game is a 8/10 (my opinion) respect other people's opinions and move on.

Sounds like you've been on the White Russians, my good man.

he's giving facts for which his opinion is so negative.
I also agree with many points of the review, though, there are many other reviews that show better or worse opinions.

If we demand every reviewer to write good about the products we like, we'll kill freedom of speech. If you don't like the point of view of a certain website, you can do like you would with newspapers, read those that you trust and like.

I enjoyed the review, I know it's good to accompany it with a positive one, to counterbalance and get a better overview.