Who did you vote for in 2000?

As an extension to the other thread.

I was honestly planning on voting for David Lee Roth in 2000, but then it started looking like Bush might actually win. :?

Sadly, I got sucked into the ideal of Voting Different.

I suppose in that case, I should have written in Steve Jobs

I very nearly voted for Bush by mistake on that poll.

Does that mean I will be forcibly relocated to Florida soon?

Me too :(

Too bad nobody on this board voted in Florida!

Ha, ha. I thought that 3rd option was Nada, as in “I didn’t vote.”

Ugh, Lieberman. Man, the JohnJohn ticket is so much more appealing than the DNC’s 2000 offering.

You know, between the superior JohnJohn ticket (over the Gore/Lieberman ticket), and the first political convention in my lifetime that made me feel proud to be American, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe Nader was right: maybe things did have to get really, really bad before we would start to see improvements.

Except for the “then the earth shall be rent, Nader elected, and the far left sweeps the earth in hellfire” part.