Who do I talk to about Chromehounds?

I just got the game, im a rook, I wanna play online, im dumb and joined that sal akar or whatever group that has 9% territory and is losing or whatever.

I see all the chromehound threads but most of them arent quite so specific as rookie advice. Id like to run as a scout class hound. Tips? suggestions for clans to look for?

Well, I play crazy amounts of this game, but I’m in Morskoj right now. First, I’d complete the scout arc (Rank S) in the single player storyline and get yourself some decent starter parts. Second, get yourself a ton of easy cash by playing 1v1 Neroimus matches against the AI – go for the enemy hound, not the base, you get more experience, although either one will win the match. As for squads, I dunno… I keep putting off joining one. Just keep in mind if you want access to the special parts lotteries you need to be a member of a squad, so you might want to start one yourself in the meantime so you can.

As for scout builds, smoke + thermal + PILEs is a good one. But honestly, I’d just get a bunch of money and buy up every part so you can experiment yoursef, because that’s half the fun. Free play (pickup games) is pretty much all I do, it’s probably the best way to test battle effectiveness of a hound.

I was under the impression that you needed to be part of a squad to do any of the Neroimus War matches, even against the AI. When I last played online, the only options to play were the player missions (which net you like $5000-8000 per 15 minute mission) or the free play games. I don’t ever remember being able to do a 1 on 1 vs AI for money.

Some of the single player missions really do blow. I am trying the sniper ones now and I cant figure out how to win it. Like I know I am supposed to kill shit but I cant see anything because its dark as shit and by the time I do see anything the dudes get lit the fuck up and I fail the mission.

Overall though the game is great!

Try the night vision? If you have it, you can activate it by clicking the left stick.

The best way to learn all the ins and outs of the game is to play with a squad. It’s also the most fun way to play. The interface can be confusing and downright backwards when you’re first starting out. So find a group of people you know or jump on to one of the QT3 squads. We’ll all gladly help you out. I’m currently in a squad which mostly plays against humans in the war. We’re in Tarakia. If you find yourself in the area, message my gamertag “K0NY” and I can get you in.

you can make a 1 man squad AFAIK

I have done it fior lotto parts before (always wins)

Speaking of Lottery parts, can we house rule that peeps NOT immediately grab every single empty lottery slot that’s available?

We need to keep slots available so that players who log in at different times of the day have some chance of getting a lottery part. It annoys the [email protected]#4 out of me when I reserve just a couple of slots for myself in consideration of the other squad members, and then someone comes in and grabs the remainder without the same consideration. Let’s please try to avoid a tragedy of the commons.

The lottery gets drawn at 11pm PST. So, I propose we voluntarily limit the lottery slots that we claim before 10pm PST to 2 slots per player. After 10PM CST, if there are still slots open, we can consider them “unclaimed” and take some more. If other players show up at 10pm CST to also claim unused slots, we’ll just split the unclaimed slots evenly.

Does that sound like a better solution than the current free for all?

Well, yeah, but there are still only 7 total slots for, what, 14 of us? It’s still going to be a bit of a free for all. When I play, it’s usually at around 10 pm PST, so I was in the habit of just grabbing up to around 3 if they were still available then. I’ll keep it to two in the future, unless it’s minutes away from the drawing and there are still unused slots.

You guys don’t really have only seven lottery slots, do you?

Could’ve sworn that’s what it was last night. What do you have?

You can make a one man squad and do the 1v1 missions. Some of them kinda suck but you just have to pick and choose which ones work for you. Like he said though go for the mech for the easy win. Most of the time it will come right at you and you just need to take it out quick like.

I made a single man squad while I am waiting for a spot in one of the other squads to open up.

We’ve got 32 lottery slots. We’ll have more in a few more missions, when we upgrade from Master ++ to the next level.

We have 13 slots.

Well the two people in my squad on Sal Kar side are noobs, two people including me. We do the individual vs AI missions right now cause we dont have enough people to make a difference in real fights.

I NEED 6 people tho right? If any squad here is willing to take on 2-3 new pilots lemme know, we’ll give it our best with no goofing off.

Its just hard to get into the game against AI

So single player is recommended for training of your specific hound class of choice?

Kony: You have room for 2 new pilots?

no, you don’t need 6 people. if you ahve 3 players, you fight in 3 vs 3 battles. you always engage the enemy in equal numbers unless the enemy purposefully decides to fight you with less people than you.

Ahh ok, but I assume the advantages of the specific hounds means more in bigger matches

not really. concentrating the team’s entire firepower on one enemy mech at a time instead of everyone fighting one-on-one battles seems to be the key. it’s nice to have a commander on the maps with bad line of sight, as he/she can point out if the enemy is rushing.

Is there even a use for scouts then since everyone just sorta huddles up? I like being a scout, but its starting to sound less specialized by your description. Just mob force.

in 1 vs 1, scouts let you get a COMBA win, or let you bumrush the enemy base with houndpiles and destroy it in 45 seconds.