Who do I talk to about Chromehounds?

Heck, they can bumrush the base even in 4 on 4 matches like the other night when we all wandered away to the middle of the level and couldn’t get back in time when we realized their scout was making a run at us.

So is there any strategy involved anymore or have they already broken it into the most efficient builds to rush with?

Seems many people are using some form of cannon builds on inverse leg chassis but instead of using them for the long range they were intended, they fight at medium range.

By the way, I saw something very interesting during the Gamespot Chromehounds Tourney. Did anyone notice the part about the team who won, unplugging their mics before the match? I was thinking about why they would do it, then it occured to me. Could it be that the VOIP they use in the game is the reason for much of the random disconnecting? The team which used their mics lost 1 guy to a disconnect early in the match and lost the tourney because they were outnumbered. It’s something to think about.

MrAngryFace, yes there’s definitely room on my squad in Tarakia. You’re welcome to join up if you’re interested in fighting humans. I’ll be on Monday first thing in the morning and then later in the afternoon. So drop me a line and I’ll get you and your friend in.

Ok ill have to change sides, I had a friend change sides just recently so i dunno if I can change till next reset if he cant. The idea was to get both of us into the action, not just me :(

I need a squad too. Gamer tag is Backov.

I think I have a good scout hound built, did some trial runs seemed pretty good. Generally what is the most useful support equipment? Id think mine detectors, right?

Players don’t tend to use mines too much actually. You’ll want a vision assist part like thermo or night vision. Thermo is pretty popular now with people using smoke mortars. Jammer might be usefull on some maps, I’m not much of a scout player though so can’t really say.

well I mostly run away, so I think staying undetected is key, maybe a good NA jammer?

NA Jammers only have one use, and only last for 30 - 45 seconds, after which they’re useless.

Honestly, unless you plan to bumrush their base with piles + na jammer, scout is pretty worthless. If you’ve got a commander mech, he’ll be able to tell you almost as much info as a scout plus not die in one shot to an enemy.

I dunno I have a scout constructed right now that balances Def/Scout I think it’ll survive ok. Two high ammo count guns if I HAVE to fight or be a decoy.

I mean if youre gonna tell me no one uses strat anymore and its all bumrush just tell me. Cause then I might as well go Soldier.

No, people use strategy, it’s just playing a “scout” doesn’t work well againt people running cannon/howitzers/missles.

You can run away all you want, they’ll either A. Kill you B. walk up and kill your base.

I think I saw someone with at least two NA jammers on their hound. I suppose that’s one option.

Screw NA jammres. I want sonar jammers.

Scouts work well for capturing Combas as well. I’ve also seen some hover machine gun builds be pretty deadly, they move fast enough that it’s hard to get a bead on them and even can’t be hit by homing missiles.

So the game is broken? It has an entire class of mech that ‘doesnt’ work?

Should I be trading this in? I mean it sure sounds like all you wanna do is become a hulk of mobile turrets and say fuck skills and just rambo shit like its MechWarrior 3.

I bought it cause everyone was telling me its good, but now everyone is blah blah your class sucks.

Yeah, trade in Chromehounds right after you traded in Dead Rising. Trade in your gamer credentials while you’re at it :-)

I dont need a forum to validate me, I need a balanced game to play in. If Chromehounds is broken and the ‘class specific strategies’ dont actually exist beyond simple FPS tactics, well then…there’s always ghost recon

Soldier/Defender are pretty much interchangeable. Sniper is totally viable on a team 3 or more, though 3 is pushing it. HW is your artillery/indirect fire class and is totally viable. Commanders of course are always useful. Scouts are your fast movers, good for capturing combas, finding which base is the real one, or for spotting for artillery. Scouts aren’t so hot at scouting enemy locations, which is what you think of as the classic scout role. You can make a pretty effective combat scout, or a basekiller scout aka spiker.

Also, get online and join a squad and play with some people before making any hard opinions about the game.

Agreed with what forge said, it’s not exactly that the entire class system is broken, it’s just that the roles don’t match up exactly with what the game thinks they should be. Commander is a very specific role, scouts can still play an important part, snipers are very viable, it’s just the soldier role that has sort of usurped the weapons of the heavy/defenders.

Angryface, the only place classes exist are in the single player game. You might hear people say “I’m gonna play sniper this game” or “I’m gonna bring out my commander hound”, but you NEVER hear anyone say “Okay, I’m Defender, you’re Heavy, and you’re Soldier.”

Just play some multiplayer. You will see a wide variety of mech designs, fielding a wide variety of weapons. That alone should be proof enough that the game is not broken.

You sound really down. Why is that?