Who do you want the VP pick to be?

  • We need a pit-bull that will hold Trump accountable.
  • We need a true progressive to move this country towards Denmark style social safety nets.
  • We need someone who is intelligent and exceptionally capable.
  • We need someone who understands social media and can use it effectively.
  • We need someone who will appeal to minorities.
  • We need someone who won’t be a million years old in 4 years.

Is there a candidate out there that hits all these marks?

  • Kamala Harris? I’m not sure she’s progressive enough.
  • I love Elizabeth Warren. She’s older and not sure she’d pull in the African American vote when she runs for president.
  • You can’t have Gretchen Whitmer, she’s not available. We need to keep her for Michigan.

I’m curious what ideas you all have.
(Apologies if there is a thread dedicated to this already. I could not find one)

I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck unless it’s like Jill Stein, at which point my brow would furrow craggily while I furiously completed several more picross puzzles on my phone before voting for Biden/Stein early and often, as they say.

I would love Whitmer, but I think it’ll be Harris, Duckworth, or Rice, and I’m okay with any of them.

Warren had my vote for President and I’d be happy to see her or many of those mentioned above as VP. Therefore, I pick Arya Stark.

I suspect it’ll be part of that latter trio you mentioned. Don’t know anything (no one does), but those seem to be the three with the most buzz right now.

I think what Nate Cohn posted about this morning on Twitter is why it won’t be Warren: she’s awesome…but Warren supporters are going to vote for Biden no matter what.

I’d prefer Warren stay in the Senate, she can likely do more good there. Plus, no thanks to two old people on the ticket.

Fox seems to think it’ll be Duckworth based on Captain Fishstick’s latest line of attack.

Yeah, the heart wants Warren, the head knows she won’t be.

I root for Tammy Duckworth, let the Fucker Carlsons of the world really have to pull the mask off.

I know nothing about Duckworth. Is she pretty progressive?

Duckworth would not be a strong addition to the ticket I don’t think. I think Harris would be better.

Great question.

There are a lot of Democrats who’d like to know for sure. :)

She’s kind of still a blank slate (mostly) legislatively, which is honestly one of her biggest shortcomings – she has more reputation and heft for her resume and personal courage (which seriously, she kicks ass) than for government-type stuff.

But she’s been doing work to shore up those shortcomings a bit, and as the Democratic party has drifted leftward, she has gone right along with it.

I dunno, I think Duckworth would be a good addition. Harris has strengths as well but they highlight different strengths. The two would be my short list even though I like Atlanta’s mayor as well (it feels strange saying Bottoms.)

Harris or Duckworth are probably it. You can also remove them from the Senate without having a Republican governor appointing a replacement.

Absolutely this.

This makes no sense to me. If the people voted for a Democratic senator, shouldn’t they be replaced by another Democrat?

Depends on state laws. Many are replaced by the governors directly. This is the case with Illinois, and what put Blago in prison for committing major corruption trying to sell the seat.

So some candidates would be replaced by Republican governors, such as Warren. Some may require a special election, it all depends on state law.

Duckworth is awesome:

I don’t know much about her either (aside from her inspiring personal story of course.) She is a co-founder (along with Cory Booker and Tom Carper (DE) ) of the Environmental Justice Caucus.

Personally I don’t have a preference among any of the candidates that have been announced on the short list, with Susan Rice being potentially the riskiest as for some reason* she’s a lightning rod for right wing conspiracy nuts - and we know how much the media (looking at you NYT) loves to chase down those stories to demonstrate their ‘objectivity.’

(If forced to choose I’d probably pick Stacy Abrams, she sounds impressive at least in interviews even if her resume might be a bit thin for a VP pick.)

*Can’t imagine why a female woman of color in a position of power would engender such hostility. /s

In the specific case of MA, the governor (a Republican, though not a Trumpist) would appoint a temporary replacement. Then within 6 months there would be a special election for a permanent replacement to serve out Warren’s term (which ends in 2024.)

Who do you want to run for President in 2024 or 2028? Because, like George Bush Sr., I think the next VP will be the next president of the US if she is good enough.

I continue to hear great things about Stacey Abrams.
Warren is a waste, because I can’t see her run for President in 2024 or 2028.

If we were anything like the GOP, I would just google “Prettiest Governer/Senator/Representative”. I feel like that was how have the VPs in the GOP have been selected.